Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia

In this high-fantasy story, a group of people wake up together in the back of a wagon with no memories. Why are people out to kill them? Who are they? Where do they come from? What are even their names? Together they will find out.


Neal 'Koibu' Erickson - DM
Anna Prosser Robinson - Tree (changes names frequently)
Stephanie "Miss Harvey" Harvey - Cloud
Geneviève 'livinpink' Forget - Bunny, Glib Glob
Jess Brohard - Victoria
Angelina DiFiore - Waterdance


Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
Four people lay on cots on the back of a wagon, bumping along through a forest. Sunlight streaming through the trees stirs our protagonists from restful wake to a world they don’t recall.
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
A city under the ground holds many questions but few answers; our party retraces their steps to arm themselves in more ways than one.
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
New friends come, and enemies go. But have our forgetful ladies given too much away?
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
“Many dangers lurk in the places we cannot see; but in their seeing, they are oft made a hundredfold more horrible.” -Cor’nith Sapseer, Within the Glade
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
Time reveals all things - but do we really want to know the truth so carefully hidden? In the fae-wood, do you even believe what you are seeing?
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
Be not placated by the giggles and magical wonders. Even the faerie world has its shadows.
Thumbs 410x313 Amnesia
Episode 7: Finale 29 Jul 2015 Youtube20px
The last of the mysteries are revealed, but will the party survive with the knowledge?
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