Maribel Line Art by chrisgabrel

Maribel by chrisgabrel

These huge, bull-headed (literally) demihumans stand a hulking 7' tall. Their torsos and limbs are humanoid: rippling chests and muscular arms, legs, and hands. Their feet, however, end in cloven hooves. Their whole bodies are covered with a layer of short hair. This fur can range in color from a whitish blonde to glossy black. Most minotaurs, like most humans, have one color of fur. Only after they reach the age of 110 do they start to show signs of mottling. Minotaurs live up to 150 years, longer than either the bovines or humans whose forms they share.
Minotaur horns grow to 24" long. These lengths are measured and cherished because minotaurs pride themselves on their horns. Horns symbolize a great and noble heritage that no other people of Arcadia can claim. Minotaurs rigorously wax and polish their horns to make them shiny and strong. Criminals are punished and forever exiled from minotaur society by having their horns sawed off. Dehorned minotaurs have lost their pride and sullied their honor. Such creatures are no longer even considered minotaurs, but are mere beasts akin to humans. No minotaur in good standing would ever befriend one of these hornless and hapless creatures.
-Quoted from "Player's Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign"

Minotauria is the homeland of the Minotaurs.

Rumors of a Half Minotaur existing, although they are unconfirmed. Whether this is the result of a mad wizard or an exceedingly rare, but natural, paring is a point of debate for the true believers out there.

Shenanigans Lore

Honor-duels to the death are a common way of solving perceived slights at one another.

Minotaurs view wizards as weak and not deserving of being part of Minotaur society.

Milkbringer is a prestigious and important title in Minotaurian society.

Disgraced Minotaurs leave Minotauria out of shame and go to seek redemption through their other achievement across Arcadia.

They are master craftsmen when it comes to building canoes from chopping down trees and carving them into canoes.

Minotaurs treat cows with great respect as if they were a valued person in their community.

A large proportion of minotaurs operate as mercenaries and bodyguard across Arcadia.

Racial Stats

Minotaur Height Weight
Males 2d6 + 84 inches 4d20 + 450 lbs
Females 2d6 + 80 inches 4d20 + 390 lbs
Middle Age 75
Old Age 100
Venerable 150

Table information taken from from "The Complete Book of Humanoids (2e)"

Racial Info

From Player's Option: Skills and Power

  • AC 14 , HP +6, Movement 12, Infravision 60', Size: Large
  • Natural Attack 2d6 (head butt)
  • Racial Score Requirements: Str 10/18, Dex 5/14, Con 10/18, Int 5/14 , Wis 5/18, Cha 5/18
  • Racial Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, –2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma
  • Class Restrictions: Fighter, Ranger, Priest, Wizard, Thief
  • Size Large: Allowed to wield Large Weapons in one Hand. Suffer Damage as Large Creature.
  • Hard to Surprise (+2 on Surprise Checks)
  • Tracking (tracking proficiency 50% success)
  • Immune to Maze Spells
  • Fearlessness (+3 saving throw vs fear)
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