• Overwhelmingly Dwarven
  • Elevation: Sea level.

History Edit

In ancient times, Mil Faldur was founded by one of two Dwarf Clans coming to the Hemdorkas Hills. The other clan founded Keldoram to the West.

At some stage, Eridon had incorporated the Hemdorkas Hills as Dwarf County, and named Keldoram was named the County Capital with Mil Faldur under it.

Appearance Edit

A walled Dwarven City, a few human buildings down at the docks. The ocean side isn't walled in. Many buildings are build into he hills.

Many underground tunnels that take a long time to learn.

The keep is the only three story in town, but extends underground.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler - Great Thane Bloodstone
  • Captain -           
  • Gatekeeper -
  • Sheriff -       
  • Watchmen -  

Demographics Edit

  • Dwarf         

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Taverns Edit

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Watersource Edit

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