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Q: I don't want to get in anyone's way. How do I know what is safe to edit?
A: No one owns any pages. If you see something missing or wrong, feel free to fix it.

Q: How can I help? I don't know how to edit wikis. I don't want to break anything.
A: Mostly it is just editing or adding text. Simply hit edit and you can change text without fear of ruining formatting.

Q: Where can I ask other questions?
A: The wiki channel on the Koibu Discord.


General Cleanup[]

  • Article stubs - Articles that are tagged as a stub are incomplete.

Main Page Synop[]

  • Short non-spoiler blurbs for Rollplay: Solum episode list. - Partially done.

Minor NPCs[]

There are NPCs missing from these Lists.

Magical Items[]

There are missing magical items on the list.

Characters without Art[]

Note: Original art only. Also only add art with the permission of the artist.