Shirtless Malcifer

by GrizGuts

Note: Natural Lifespan 103

History Edit

  • Following the fall of the Kingdom of Gadia in 1380, the Winter family, former Barons, fled in the Blumwood and lived "off the grid".
  • Malcifer Winter, a tall & imposing 25 year old Human noble, is the ruler of Winter's Reach, a hidden village on the edge of the Blumwood on Gade Isle. The village is comprised of the Winter Estate House and a small number of villager buildings half a mile away. Around the estate itself is a wall made of rosebushes, where the old real walls once stood before the Conquest of the Kingdom of Gadia took place 130 years ago.
  • In the village the huts were made of former wagons. There was once an orchard, but it was destroyed a year ago by Brimstone, the Fire Incarnate. The lumber-mill however still stands. At the heart of the village is a Church that isn't in the Eridonan style. They worship the "Old Gods" aka the forgotten Winter Gods.
Winter Logo
  • Family Sign: A Red M overlaid a Black W. The lines are angled at 90°. Resembles a series of stitches

First appeared in Dicing with Death Episode 145.

Last appeared in Dicing with Death Episode 165. Became King of Gadia.

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Mount Edit

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Bardiche

Non-Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Anatomy
  • Literacy
  • Undead Lore (2)
  • Horse Riding
  • Torturing
  • Local History
  • Animal Handling
  • Embalming (gained level 3)

Equipment Edit

  • Bardiche Axe
  • Light Crossbow
  • Leather Jacket (leather armor)
  • Chainmail

Spells Edit

  • Current List (Document is very out of date. Current version is 0.7 document, which isn't public)
  • Level 7: Necrograft (attach dead limbs to people missing limbs), Soul Siphon (create Nightmares and Specialist Undead)

Languages Edit

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