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Artefacts and RelicsEdit

Amulet of MalkisEdit

  • Absorbs souls to cast spells and to heal.
  • Linked with the God Malkis
  • Appeared in DwD: Georg

Orb of SoulsEdit

Orb of ImprisonmentEdit

Golden Egg of NerualEdit

Riftdancer Edit

  • Magical Boat of Legend
  • Linked with the God Tempos
  • Able to magically fold up, things inside are stored in extra dimensional space
  • Appeared in Misscliks: Seaborn

Portal to the Shadow PlaneEdit

  • Stone gateway that can reach the Shadow Plane with the correct activation phrase.\
  • Appeared in various shows (including DwD Georg, HcH, Shenanigans, ODaM)

Philosophers' StoneEdit

  • A shard of the staff of the world.


Bag of HoldingEdit

  • Bag that weights 15 pounds and can hold up to 500lbs/70ft^3
  • Appears in various campaigns

Girdle of Many PouchesEdit

  • 64 magical pouches, will only 8 visible and the rest hidden. Each pouch is a miniature bag of holding that can store up to 10 pounds.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Portable HoleEdit

  • when unfolded opens an extra dimensional space
  • 3 ft. by 5 ft. wide
  • 3 ft. deep
  • Appears in various campaigns (including Frozen Frontier)

Crowns & TiarasEdit

Crown of DominationEdit


  • Magical Golden Circlet with many powers, including mind reading and Legend Lore
  • Page 337 of Encyclopedia Magica)
  • Appeared in DwD: Divan

Necklaces & AmuletsEdit

Amulet of UnbindingEdit

Amulet of ProtectionEdit

  • Ring that gives +1 to +6 AC & saving throws
  • Appeared in Various Campaigns

Amulet of Tempos Edit

Amulet of Water BreathingEdit

Necklace of Cheetah SpeedEdit

  • Grants the wearer +2 movement speed and once per day they can use the item's power called 'Cheetah speed', which grants 45ft of movement speed for 3 rounds
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Periapt of HealthEdit

  • Disease Immunity Ruby Necklace
  • Page 234 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Of Dice and Men
  • Dimly emits light in a 30ft radius.

Elven friendship token Edit

  • This token reduces the users ageing process by half as long as the token is on person
  • A symbol that the holder is a friend of elves
  • Works like an Amulet of Elvenkind
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes


Abigael's RingEdit

  • It is said to be able to connect the mind of the user with the wearer of it's counterpart ring.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy)

Ring of Acid ResistanceEdit

Ring of DominationEdit

  • The ring also grants telepathic communication with one's underlings and a greater ability to instill fear in them. "To dominate someone, they have to honestly think of you as their master/leader. You can't just agree on it/disagree on it. It has to be a subconscious thought."
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy)

Ring of Feather FallingEdit

  • Automatically casts Feather Fall if person is falling
  • Page 201 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Various Campaigns (inc Hardcore Heroes)

Ring of Acid ResistanceEdit

  • Makes user resistant to fire damage
  • Page 201 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes

Ring of Free Action Edit

  • Wearer cannot be affected by things that would restrict their movement
  • Page 201 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Tombs of Scoria

Ring of Handsomeness Edit

Ring of Might Edit

  • Adds +1 damage to melee weapons in the same hand that the ring is worn.
  • Appeared in Akuban Knights

Ring of ProtectionEdit

  • Ring that gives +1 to +6 AC & saving throws
  • Page 201 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Various Campaigns

Ring of Three WishesEdit

Ring of Tongues Edit

  • Allows the wearer to speak and understand any language spoken when someone with the language is within talking distance.
  • Page 1004 of Encyclopedia Magica
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Ring of TruthEdit

  • Lets the wearer know when someone is lying, forbids the wearer from lying.
  • Page 203 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in DwD: Georg

Ring of Water WalkingEdit

  • Allow the wearer to walk on water.
  • Page 203 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Various Campaigns (including GTC)

Ring of Water BreatheringEdit

  • Allow the wearer to breath underwater
  • Appeared in Various Campaigns (including ODaM)


Horn of Blasting Edit

  • When activated, it a sound shoots out 120ft long, 30ft wide cone effecting everyone in that area who can hear it.
  • On a pass save the effects are: Stunned 1 round, Deafened 2 rounds
  • On a fail the effects are: Take d10 sonic damage, Stunned 2 rounds, Deafened 4 rounds
  • Appeared in Akuban Knights & Rollplay: Solum

Mask of Terror Edit

  • Originally worn by a Dracolich before it was defeated
  • When worn it fuses to the wearer's face and flames appear in the eye sockets of the mask.
  • Upon setting sights on the wearer, creatures with less than 2 hit dice have to save vs petrification or flee in terror. Creatures with greater than 2 hit dice save vs petrification or have -2 to attack and damage rolls against the wearer.
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Watering Can Edit

Fan of Blowing Edit

  • Blows small creatures d10 ft
  • Holds back medium creatures
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Gem of SeeingEdit

Magical String on a LuteEdit

Magical Music BookEdit

Magical SpoonEdit

Elven Skull Edit

Ankh made of gold and brass Edit

  • Emmits bright light in a 60ft radius as long as it is held
  • Summon a creature from the plane of fire
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Elemental in a bottle Edit

  • Snow elemental caught in a bottle used in the making of a snow golem
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Paper Lantern Edit

  • Emits light in a 30ft radius
  • The color can be changed when focused on
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Fire Conch Edit

  • Emits 40ft of light
  • Can summon something connect to fire
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier



Cloak of ArachnidaEdit

Cloak of the BatEdit

  • +2 AC, can fly in darkness, 90% invisible
  • Page 219 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared on Rollplay: Legacy

Cheetah Cloak of AmedioEdit

  • Run fast, +3 dexterity
  • Page 298 of Encyclopedia Magica
  • Appeared in Tombs of Scoria

Cloak of DisplacementEdit

Cloak of Elven KindEdit

  • Lets you hide better
  • Page 219 of 2e DMG
  • Appears iun various campaigns

Cloak of ProtectionEdit

  • Adds One to Five AC.
  • Page 220 of DMG
  • Appeared in various campaigns


Belt of Strength +2 Edit

  • When worn, it gives the wearer a +2 to strength.
  • Appeared in Akuban Knights


Gloves of swimming and climbingEdit

  • Gives a bonus to swimming and climbing checks
  • Appeared in Assassin


Armband of HealingEdit

  • The wearer can cast 3 healing spells at their full potential per day.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Armband of ProtectionEdit


Robe of ProtectionEdit

  • Adds One to Six AC.
  • Page 1014 of Encyclopedia Magica
  • Appeared in Tombs of Scoria


Boots of LevitationEdit

Boots of ElvenkindEdit

Armour & ShieldsEdit


Shields +1 to 5Edit

  • Shields with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows

Magic Wall ShieldEdit

  • Turns into a wall when slammed on the ground
  • Appeared in Akuban Knights

Shield of Arrow AttractionEdit

Dragonscale shield Edit

  • The user of the shield takes half damage from directional magic and breathweapons
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Red Oaken ShieldEdit

  • Resists all flames. Grants exceptional prowess in combat.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Dragon-Breath ShieldEdit


Leather Armour +1 to 5Edit

Chain Armour +1 to 5Edit

  • Chain Armour with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows (inc Tombs of Scoria)

Elven Chain Edit



Short-bows or Longbows +1 to 5Edit

  • Shor-tbows or Longbows with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows

Bow of TheseusEdit

  • +2 Bow , Ignores range modifiers
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy
  • Bow of of Accuracy - 202 of Encyclopedia Magica

Crossbow of Accuracy Edit

  • +3 Crossbow, Ignores range modifiers
  • Page 242 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier\


Ethereal Quiver Edit

  • It will produce bolts or arrows for the wearer
  • The ammo will disappear after it has made contact or after a bit
  • Ammo glows bluish-green light in a 2 ft. radius
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Daggers & KnivesEdit

Daggers +1 to 5Edit

  • Daggers with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows

Dagger of BoneEdit

Demon's EyeEdit

  • Cursed Knife -1. Appears in owners main hand whenever they enters combat.
  • Appeared in DwD: Georg

Daggers of ThrowingEdit

  • You throw the daggers and they return
  • Page 242 of 2e DMG
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes

Spirit Blade aka Phase DaggersEdit

Sword, ArmingEdit

Arming Swords +1 to 5Edit

  • Arming Swords with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows

Arming Sword of Jumping Edit

  • +1 to hit and damage
  • Allows the wielder to jump as if the jump spell was cast on him
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Blood-Drinker LongswordEdit

  • The Blood-Drinker Longsword was a +1 sword (+1 to hit, +1 to damage), gaining an additional temporary +1 for each creature slain by its edge (up to a maximum of +5) for 1 hour.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Bellum's flame blade Edit

  • +3 to hit and damage, speed 3
  • adds a d6 damage die to hits
  • If you roll a hit on ac 10 the enemy takes 1 point of fire damage
  • While it was given by the god Bellum, not considered a Holy Weapon
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier


Harvest MoonEdit

  • +2 Scimitar. On it's blade are engravings of a full moon, which emits a faint light when its a full moon, and a waning moon which which emit faint light when it's day before/after a full moon. Lightweight. Has unknown strength against werewolves
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes

Nighthawk scimitar Edit

  • Screams like a hawk when swung.
  • The tip leaves a red streak whenever swung that can hardly be seen in the day
    • +1 to hit and damage during the day
    • +2 to hit and damage at dusk and dawn
    • +3 to hit and damage at night
  • Appeared in Frozen Frontier

Sword, ShortEdit

Short Swords +1 to 5Edit

  • Short Swords with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows

Rusty Short SwordEdit

  • When striking a target, if the target fails a save vs poison the target incure's extra poison damage, on top of the damage taken from the sword.
  • Owned by Lady Felicity
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Swords, Two-HandedEdit

Two-Handed Swords +1 to 5Edit

  • Two-Handed with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Appeared in many shows


  • +2 weapon,+ 2 bonus to accuracy and damage. It also strikes faster, giving the wielder a extra attack each round.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Solum

Greybane Edit

Rune Blade Edit

  • +5 to hit and damage
  • +1 to AC and saves.
  • On a critical strike, destroys shield and armor.
  • Appeared in Homeward Bound

Spears & LancesEdit

Spears +1 to 5Edit

Blood SingerEdit

Bone SpearEdit

Hellish HalberdEdit

  • This spell enchants a weapon that is being forged to be especially brutal when wielded in combat. The weapon must be of exquisite quality (minimum cost of 50,000 copper) and be in the forging process when the spell is cast. On a natural attack roll of 18, 19, or 20, roll a d10 to determine critical effects.
    • 1-4: Bleed | The target takes 1 damage per round until the wound is healed/bandaged.
    • 5-7: Stun | The target is stunned for 1 round.
    • 8-9: Maim | Roll for an arm or leg hit (50/50 chance). If an arm is hit, -4 to hit and half attack rate. If a leg is hit, -4 AC and half move. Lasts for 1d4 rounds.
    • 10: Roll for 2 more effects. Effects can stack.
  • Appeared in DwD Zweihard

Lance of ChargingEdit

  • It enhances the knockback power of the wielder when charging down an opponent.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Maces & MaulsEdit

Blessed Mace +1 to 5Edit

  • Maces with +1 to +5 with not other bonus
  • Considered a Holy Weapon
  • Appeared in Tombs of Scoria


Mace of LightEdit

  • The mace is capable of a massive burst of light by slamming it on a surface and yelling the magical word 'Duloc'.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Vicious WarhammerEdit

  • Has a bonus to hit/dmg and it deals 2d6 extra dmg on crits
  • Appeared in Assassin

Wands & RodsEdit

Wand of WondersEdit

  • Random, both good and bad effects e.g. Casts a fireball spell at the target or Reduces the weilder to 1/12 their origional height, permanently.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

wand of magic missile Edit

  • an unknown amount of charges may use up to 2 charges each round to cast the magic missile spell, using more than one charge increases the number of missiles fired
  • Appeared in Tombs of Scoria

Wand of size alteration Edit

  • A wand of this sort enables the wielder to cause any single creature of virtually any size to enlarge or diminish. Either effect causes a 50% change in size
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes

Rod of LightningEdit

  • With the power of its command word, "Dalamar," the rod calls forth a flash of lightning, tearing through the heavens and devastating its target for 6d6 damage. The rod can only be used three times a day.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Rod of TerrorEdit

  • Use a charge to cast an aura of terror, anyone who fails their save is frozen in fear. Upon activation, there is a 1/5 chance to permenantly lose 1 charisma.
  • Appeared in Rollplay: Legacy

Immovable rodEdit

  • A rod that will stay in place where it is set
  • Appeared in Assassin


Power PoleEdit

  • Extending Magical Staff
  • This appears to be a normal bronzewood staff banded with iron. The shaft is actually as strong as steel, and has two magical qualities. Upon command, the staff will alter its length from as short as 6 feet to as long as 12 feet (or any length in between). It inflicts damage as a quarterstaff (base amount, 1d6 points), with additions to attack and damage rolls based upon its magical bonus.
  • +3 to damage and Attack rolls
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes

Staff of LightEdit

  • Can shine with light at will.
  • Negates magical darkness on touch.
  • A wave of the staff can light flammable light sources eg. torches.
  • Can produce a ray of blinding light which can blind a single target for 2d6 rounds or permanently(caster choice) 1 use per day
  • Thudding the staff illuminates all grounded creatures in a 120 ft radius for up to 10 minutes as if they were in full daylight 2 uses per day
  • Lights the room you are in and all adjacent rooms 4 uses per day
  • Appeared in Hardcore Heroes
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