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Akuban Knights[]

Magic Shield[]

  • Turns into a wall.

Belt of Strength +2[]

  • When worn, it gives the wearer a +2 to strength.

Horn of Blasting[]

  • When activated, it a sound shoots out 120 ft long, 30 ft wide cone affecting everyone in that area who can hear it.
  • On a pass save the effects are: Stunned 1 round, Deafened 2 rounds.
  • On a fail the effects are: Take d10 sonic damage, Stunned 2 rounds, Deafened 4 rounds.

Potion of Basilisk Petrification Cure[]

  • Cures someones of Petrification.

Ring of Might[]

  • Adds +1 damage to melee weapons in the same hand that the ring is worn.


Magic stiletto dagger named Kiss- +1 dagger[]

Gloves of swimming and climbing[]

Immovable rod[]

Potion of invisibility[]

Boots of elvenkind[]

Vicious Warhammer[]

  • Has a bonus to hit/dmg and it deals 2d6 extra dmg on crits

Desperate Measures[]

Bow of Nadinis[]

  • +2 to hit and damage

Cloak of Protection[]

  • At least +2 to AC

Bone Spear[]

  • Magical Spear
  • Once owned by Silak

DWD: Divan[]


  • Magical Golden Circlet (pg 337 of Encyclopedia Magica)

Amulet of Velthara[]

  • Marks a person for vengeance and reveals their location.
  • Acts as a Bad of Holding for a single weapon.
  • Locates a person desiring vengeance.
  • Linked with Goddess Velthara

DWD: Georg[]

Amulet of Malkis[]

  • Wearing grants one point of intelligence.
  • Absorbs souls to cast spells and to heal.
  • Linked with the God Malkis.

Ring of Truth[]

  • Lets the wearer know when someone is lying, forbids the wearer from lying.

"Carl" the Dagger[]

  • +1 Dagger.

Demon's Eye[]

  • Cursed Knife -1. Appears in the owner's main hand whenever they enter combat.
  • A hilt and guard of black, with a blade of red that pulses with a dim red light (must be dim light to notice the pulse). Appears in his main hand whenever he enters combat. Locked to the welder until they die, or removed by a limited wish.

Bellum's Whisker[]

  • +3 Broad Sword.

Tuning Fork[]

  • When pointed at an extradimensional space or in the direction of a Portal to another Dimension or Plane of Existence, the Tuning fork will vibrate. If used with True Sight, it can show the direction of Portals of distances over the entire continent.

DWD: Zweihard[]

Hellish Halberd[]

  • This spell enchants a weapon that is being forged to be especially brutal when wielded in combat. The weapon must be of exquisite quality (minimum cost of 50,000 copper) and be in the forging process when the spell is cast. On a natural attack roll of 18, 19, or 20, roll a d10 to determine critical effects.
    • 1-4: Bleed | The target takes 1 damage per round until the wound is healed/bandaged.
    • 5-7: Stun | The target is stunned for 1 round.
    • 8-9: Maim | Roll for an arm or leg hit (50/50 chance). If an arm is hit, -4 to hit and half attack rate. If a leg is hit, -4 AC and half move. Lasts for 1d4 rounds.
    • 10: Roll for 2 more effects. Effects can stack.

Embers of the Wilds[]

Rod of Comfort[]

Within a 30-foot radius the following affects are in effect, when activated. Activation requires the holder to maintain concentration for a round and then pass a DC 15 wisdom saving throw. Once activated, the rod will remain so until dismissed by the holder or released from grasp.

  • Dim blue light radiating from the Aquamarine gem at the end of the staff.
  • Temperature is fixed at 70º until the outside reaches -20º or 140º. Each degree outside of this range tugs the temperature up or down.
  • Precipitation from weather (rain, snow, hail) is warded as if striking an umbrella. Wind, the things blown by it, missile attacks (even water based ones), etc. are unaffected by this.

Jade & Topaz[]

  • The short swords are teaming with necromantic magic. They pull out of lifeforce of a target when it hits. The weapons were created in tandem.
  • They are +1 Weapons
  • Jade drains strength
  • Topaz drains dexterity

Amulet of Life Preservation[]

  • Needs attuning to the wearer
  • Will save the life of the wearer once before breaking.

Empires of Arcadia[]

Amulet of Water Breathing[]

  • Allows breathing underwater and out of water.

Magic Folding Boat[]

  • Folds from a briefcase sized package into a canoe at will.

Phase Daggers[]

  • Daggers that phase the user's body into the astral plane reducing damage by 2.

Bag of Holding[]

  • Bag that weighs 15 pounds and can hold up to 500 lbs/70 ft^3.

Fire Arrows[]

  • Adds extra 2d6 fire damage on hit.

Shield of Arrow Attraction[]

  • Attracts projectiles both physical and magical to the wielder, has a size limit.

Magic Spear[]

  • Spear of +1

Ring of Protection[]

  • Adds +1 to AC and Saving throws.

Ring of Acid Resistance[]

  • Makes user resistant to acid damage.

Blink Spear[]

  • A spear that teleports the thrower to the place it lands.

Flame Tongue[]

  • Steel sword.
  • Blade bathed in flames when wielded.

Spear of Piercing[]

  • +2 to hit and damage.
  • Ignores half armor of non-magical armor.
  • Applies bleed effect.
  • 10 ft reach.

Gloves of War[]

  • +1 to hit and damage, on melee or thrown.
  • Weapon hits become magical.

Bracers of Defense[]

  • +2 to AC when not using armor or shields.


  • +3 to hit and damage.

Ethereal Bow[]

  • +1 to hit and damage.
  • Can shoot normal arrows with +1 accuracy but not +1 damage.
  • Creates ethereal arrows when drawn.
  • Ethereal Arrows:
    • Emits dim light until the moment after it hits.
    • Can hit ethereal enemies.

Amulet of Non-Detection[]

  • Cannot be scried upon by any means.

Broach of Shielding[]

  • Resistance to force damage.
  • Immunity to magic missiles.

Cape of Protection[]

  • +1 to AC and saves.

Ring of Free Action[]

  • Cannot be stunned or paralyzed.
  • Cannot be restrained by magic.
  • Not hampered by difficult terrain.

Slippers of Silence[]

  • Make no sound while walking.

Small Bag of Holding[]

  • 1 lb, 30 lb capacity.

Rod of Rulership[]

  • Can command obedience to all creatures of the user's choice within 120 feet to charm for 8 hours.
  • All effected must pass a DC15 wisdom saving throw.
  • Usable once a day.
  • Recharges in the light of dawn.

Bracers of Archery[]

  • +2 to damage with ranged attacks.

The Crown of The Emperor[]

  • Power of Free Action.
  • Language Comprehension.
  • Lie Detection.

Hammer of Zorin[]

  • +5 to Hit and Damage.
  • On a hit all creatures within 20 ft of the wielder must make a DC15 Constitution Save or be stunned for 1 round and take 3d6 thunder damage. The creature being hit by the hammer must pass a DC18 Constitution Save.
  • The Dwarf that wields this hammer is known to be the rightful Thane of all dwarfs in Bravo.
  • Legend says if it is wielded by a non-dwarf, a terrible curse will befall the wielder.

Ring of Mind Shielding[]

  • Immune to magic that allows other creatures to
    • Read the wearers thoughts.
    • Detect lies.
    • Know alignment.
    • Know true form.
  • Wearer can ignore telepathic communication.

Frozen Frontier[]

Ring of Tongues[]

  • Allows the wearer to speak and understand any language spoken when someone with the language is within talking distance.

Scrag Cloaks[]

  • Work like Cloaks of Elvenkind

Elven Skull[]

  • Dimly emits light in a 30 ft radius.

Amulet of Tempos[]

  • Increases ac to 15
  • Blocks magic missiles

Crossbow of Accuracy[]

  • +3 to hit and damage
  • Ignores range modifiers

Ugly leather Armor[]

  • Leather armor that give a +3 to A.C
  • Super duper ugly

Ankh made of gold and brass[]

  • Emmits bright light in a 60 ft radius as long as it is held
  • Summon a creature from the plane of fire

Dragonscale shield[]

  • The user of the shield takes half damage from directional magic and breathweapons

Elemental in a bottle[]

  • Snow elemental caught in a bottle used in the making of a snow golem

Mask of Terror[]

  • Originally worn by a Dracolich before it was defeated
  • When worn it fuses to the wearer's face and flames appear in the eye sockets of the mask.
  • Upon setting sights on the wearer, creatures with less than 2 hit dice have to save vs petrification or flee in terror. Creatures with greater than 2 hit dice save vs petrification or have -2 to attack and damage rolls against the wearer.

Phase daggers[]

  • Daggers that phase the user's body into the astral plane reducing damage by 1.

Arming Sword of Jumping[]

  • +1 to hit and damage
  • Allows the wielder to jump as if the jump spell was cast on him

Paper Lantern[]

  • Emits light in a 30 ft radius
  • The color can be changed when focused on

Nighthawk scimitar[]

  • Screams like a hawk when swung.
  • The tip leaves a red streak whenever swung that can hardly be seen in the day
  • +1 to hit and damage during the day
  • +2 to hit and damage at dusk and dawn
  • +3 to hit and damage at night

Watering Can[]

  • Produces an unlimited supply of water

Ethereal Quiver[]

  • It will produce bolts or arrows for the wearer
  • The ammo will disappear after it has made contact or after a bit
  • Ammo glows bluish-green light in a 2 ft. radius

Fire Conch[]

  • Emits 40 ft of light
  • Can summon something to connect to fire

Fan of Blowing[]

  • Blows small creatures d10 ft
  • Holds back medium creatures
  • Unstable?

Portable Hole[]

  • when unfolded opens an extra dimensional space
  • 3 ft. by 5 ft. wide
  • 3 ft. deep

Potion of Healing[]

  • Heals 2d4+2

Bellum's flame blade[]

  • +3 to hit and damage
  • adds a d6 damage die to hits
  • weapon speed 3
  • If you roll a hit on ac 10 the enemy takes 1 point of fire damage

Homeward Bound[]

Bag of Holding[]

  • A bag of extra-dimensional space

Rune Blade[]

  • +5 to hit and damage.
  • +1 to AC and saves.
  • On a critical strike, destroys shield and armor.
  • Glows in combat.

Ring of Handsomeness[]

  • makes the wearer extra handsome

Harpoon of Holding[]

  • Roots the target on a hit (save vs spell).

Dagger of Velthara[]

  • +3 to hit and damage.
  • Holds the target (save vs spell.)
  • Blessed weapon.

Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs[]

Crown of Domination[]

  • Crown that can control a person who is wearing it when holding an accompanying key.

Philosophers' Stone[]

  • A shard of the staff of the world.

Dagger of Returning[]

  • If the thrower misses its target, it will return to the throwers hand.


  • Bonus to hit and damage on a charge attack.
  • Steel two-handed sword.

Phase Dagger[]

  • Daggers that phase the user's body into the astral plane reducing damage by 1.

Ring of Water Walking[]

  • Allow the wearer to walk on water.

Wand of Detect Magic[]

  • Can cast detect magic instantly.
  • Has an unknown number of charges.

Hardcore Heroes[]

Cloak of Arachnidia[]

  • Allows the wearer to climb as if they had the spell Spiderclimb cast on them
  • Grants immunity to entrapment webs of any sort, allows the wearer to move through the webs with the same movement speed as the spider who created them. Minimum movement rate 6
  • Once per day allows the wearer to cast a double-sized Web spell, that operates as the 2nd level wizard spell
  • Wearer gains +2 to saving throws versions poisons from spiders

Daggers of Throwing[]

  • You throw the daggers and they return

Gem of Seeing[]

  • See though the gem as a True-seeing spell would.

Harvest Moon[]

  • +2 Scimitar. On its blade are engravings of a full moon, which emits a faint light when its a full moon, and a waning moon which emits faint light when it's the day before/after a full moon. Lightweight. Has unknown strength against werewolves

Power Pole[]

  • Extending Magical Staff
  • This appears to be a normal bronze wood staff banded with iron. The shaft is actually as strong as steel and has two magical qualities. Upon command, the staff will alter its length from as short as 6 feet to as long as 12 feet (or any length in between). It inflicts damage as a quarterstaff (base amount, 1d6 points), with additions to attack and damage rolls based upon its magical bonus.
  • +3 to damage and Attack rolls

Steel Battleaxe[]

  • +1 Axe

Wind Shear[]

  • +2 Scimitar

Staff of Light[]

  • Can shine with light at will.
  • Negates magical darkness on touch.
  • A wave of the staff can light flammable light sources e.g. torches.
  • Can produce a ray of blinding light which can blind a single target for 2d6 rounds or permanently(caster choice) 1 use per day
  • Thudding the staff illuminates all grounded creatures in a 120 ft radius for up to 10 minutes as if they were in full daylight 2 uses per day
  • Lights the room you are in and all adjacent rooms 4 uses per day

Ring of Feather Fall[]

  • This ring protects its wearer by automatic activation of a feather fall if the individual falls 5 feet or more.
  • When this spell is cast, the creature(s) or object(s) affected immediately assumes the mass of a piece of down.
  • The rate of falling is instantly changed to a mere 2 feet per second (120 feet per round), and no damage is incurred upon landing while the spell is in effect.
  • The feather fall affects one or more objects or creatures in a 10-foot cube, as long as the maximum weight of the creatures or objects does not exceed a combined total of 200 pounds plus 200 pounds per level of the spellcaster.

Ring of Fire Resistance[]

  • The wearer of this ring is totally immune to the effects of normal fires.
  • Very large and hot fires, molten lava, hell hound breath, or a wall of fire spell will cause 10 hit points of damage per round if the wearer is directly within the conflagration.
  • Exceptionally hot fires such as red-dragon breath, pyrohydra breath, fireballs, flame strike, fire storm, etc., are saved against with a +4 bonus to the die roll.
  • all fire damage dice are calculated at -2 per die, but each die is never less than 1.
  • Very hot fires do up to 24 damage.
  • Exceptionally hot fires do damage greater than 24.

Cloak of Displacement[]

  • Displaces the true location of the wearer by 1–2 feet.
  • Any missile or melee attack aimed at the wearer automatically misses the first time. 
  • Applies to successive first attacks from multiple opponents if they didn't observe the initial displacement miss.
  • After the first attack, the cloak affords a +2 bonus to protection (+2 Armor Class, +2 to all saves aimed at wearer).

Spirit Blade Dagger[]

  • +1 Dagger.
  • Uses dagger proficiency.
  • 1d8 damage versus living creatures.
  • Phases user for -1 soak damage.
  • Last seen looted by Van.

Lucilla's Longsword[]

  • +1 Longsword.

Elven Friendship Token[]

  • This token reduces the user's aging process by half as long as the token is on the person.
  • A symbol that the holder is a friend of elves.

Four Potions of Healing[]

  • Given by cleric of Hillsborough.
  • 2d4+2 hp when consumed.

Bag of Holding[]

  • Weighs 15 lbs.
  • Can hold 500 lbs. and up to 70 cu. ft.

Wand of Size Alteration[]

  • A wand of this sort enables the wielder to cause any single creature of virtually any size to enlarge or diminish. Either effect causes a 50% change in size.
  • Relative Strength and power increases or decreases proportionally, providing the weaponry employed is proportionate or usable. For humanoid creatures enlarged, Strength is roughly proportional to that of a giant of the corresponding size. For example, a humanoid enlarged to 9 feet tall is roughly equivalent to a hill giant (19 strength), and a 13-foot tall humanoid equals a fire giant (22 Strength).
  • The wand's power has a range of 10 feet. The target creature and all it is wearing or carrying are affected unless a saving throw succeeds. Note that a willing target need not to make a saving throw.
  • The effect of the wand can be removed by a dispel magic spell, but if this is done, the target must roll a system shock check. It can also be countered if the possessor of the wand wills the effect to be canceled before the duration of the effect expires. Each usage of the wand (but not the cancellation of an effect) expends one charge. It can be recharged by a wizard of 12th or higher level.

Heroes' Graveyard[]

Season 1

Potion of Healing[]

Potion of Cold Resistance[]

Potion of Poison Resistance[]

Ring of Sleep[]

  • Cast sleep once/day, the same effect as the spell.

Ring of Protection[]

  • Bonus to AC/Saves

Ring of Protection From Fire[]

  • Resistance to fire damage

Ring of Protection From Cold[]

  • Resistance to cold damage

Ring of Protection From Poison[]

  • Resistance to poison damage

Ring of Protection From Lightning[]

  • Resistance to lightning damage

Amulet of Health[]

  • Sets your constitution score to 19

Cloak of Elvenkind[]

  • Shifts colors to camouflage you from others

Spoon of Stirring[]

  • Starts stirring in a circle as soon as it is placed in a pot

Ladle of Serving[]

  • When it is used to serve liquid, it will never spill or drip.

Season 2

Potion of Healing[]

Potion of Invisibility[]

Potion of Reduce[]

Potion of Protection From Magic[]

Potion of Climbing[]

  • Allows the imbiber to climb on walls and ceilings as if moving on the ground

Potion of Feather Fall[]

Potion of ??[]

  • From Dandren's tower library

Potion of ??[]

  • Never identified (Dandren's tower floor 1)

Philter of Love[]

Magical Arrows[]

  • 5 Arrows - Never identified (Dandren's tower floor 1)
  • 10 Magical Arrows - +1 to hit/damage
  • 10 Magical Bolts - +1 to hit/damage

Greataxe of Mage Slayer[]

  • +1 to hit/damage and the mage slayer effect

Magic Longsword[]

  • +1 to hit/damage


  • +1 to hit/damage, one side says "Dandren", on the other side says "Badass"

Krazz Warhammer[]

  • +X to hit/damage, when the hammer strikes something, anyone within 30 ft. other than the wielder makes a DC 10 CON check or they lose any concentration spell. Those hit by the hammer has a DC20 check.

Magic Shield[]

  • +1 to AC

Magic Scale Mail[]

  • +1 to AC


  • Never identified (Dandren's tower floor 1)

Amulet of Feather Fall[]

Cape of Feather Fall[]

Ring of Feather Fall[]

Boots of Hovering[]

  • Allows the wearer to hover 3-4 inches off the ground

Vest of Blinking[]

  • When the wearer is about to be hit by an attack, they automatically blink to a save spot within 50 ft. If there is no safe spot available, they blink to a random spot.

Elemental Gem[]

  • looted from Wander undead season 2, never identified

Magical Lever of Magic Mouth[]

  • Delivers a psychic message to any humanoid in the area when pulled

Light Stone of Hagatha spit[]

  • when put in one's mouth, you feel a pull in your teeth towards a location (Hagatha's Hut)

Dog Skull of Anti-Magic Field[]

  • Point in the direction you want to use it, stroke the head lovingly and say "Good Boy" three times to activate. Say "Bad Boy" three times to deactivate, but the skull may not like it.

Night Mask of Darkness[]

  • Has a Darkness spell with a 1-inch radius permanently cast on the inside portion of the mask

Magic Spyglass[]

  • When looking through the spyglass, you can see long distances as if they are up close. Alternatively, there is no shake or wobble in the image when looking through it.


  • Steel Greatsword that gives extra damage on charging attacks

Legends of Arcadia: Genesis[]

Zodiac spear[]

  • +? to hit
  • 4d4 damage
  • On a failed saving throw, permanently merges with the wielder's arm.


  • Flail with 3 balls
  • Casts the opposite effect of Battlefate S M V 1  Battlefate Range  20 yds. AoE  1 creature Casting Time  4 Duration  2 rds./level Save  None Damage   Materials  electrum coin This spell alters probability to favor one character or creature locked in battle. His opponent may stumble at an awkward time, a clumsy parry might catch the enemys weapon at just the right angle, or he happens to notice the foe moving in for a flank attack. The more powerful the priest, the more potent the aid; combat modifiers provided by battlefate equal +1 per three levels, so a 1st-level caster provides a +1 bonus, a 4th-level caster a +2 bonus, a 7th-level caster a +3, and so on to a maximum of +5 for a 13th-level priest. The exact form of the aid or assistance varies from round to round

    # No Effect
    # Bonus to AC
    # Bonus to Saves
    # Bonus to Attack rolls
    # Bonus to Damage rolls
    # Extra attack with a bonus to attack or damage (subject's choice)

    The material component for this spell is an electrum coin tossed by the priest as he casts the spell.
    School  Alteration Source  Spells and Magic page 160
    spell on successfully hit target: On cast d6 grants
    • 1 - No Effect
    • 2 - Penalty to AC
    • 3 - Penalty to Saves
    • 4 - Penalty to Attack rolls
    • 5 - Penalty to Damage rolls
    • 6 - No attack for 1 round

Spear of Ultimate Destruction[]

  • +5 to Hit, +5 to Damage
  • Save vs Death or Die
  • Pierces Magic Resistance
  • Changes size to fit the welder (Ogre size if Ogre using, Human size if Human using)

Staff of Curing[]

  • 4 abilities, each one can be used twice within 24 hours, not more than once on any given person:
    • Cure Disease
    • Cure Blindness
    • Cure Wounds
    • Cure Insanity
  • 1d6+19 charges, each ability costs 1 charge
  • Once drained, must be recharged, else it functions as a non-magical weapon

Misscliks: Devotion[]

Magical String on a Lute[]

Magical Music Book[]

Magical Whip[]

Magical Polearm[]

Misscliks: Seaborn[]

Orb of Imprisonment[]

  • Traps a target permanently.


  • Magical Boat of Legend.

Magical Spoon[]

  • Would fill an empty bowl with stew when placed in it.

Of Dice and Men[]

Portal to the Shadow Plane[]

  • A shrunken circular stone gateway that can reach the Shadow Plane with the correct activation phrase.

The Silver Horn[]

  • +1 Magical Longsword

Periapt of Health[]

  • Disease Immunity Ruby Necklace

Cabbot's dagger[]

  • +2 to hit and damage

Zaaz's shortsword[]

  • +1 to hit and damage

Ring of Waterbreathing[]

  • Allows the user to fill up their lungs with water to allow breathing.
  • The wearer has to barf out the water from their lungs after emerging from the water.
  • If taken off while there is water in the lungs of the user they will drown.

Longsword of the Ceraks[]

  • +2 to hit and damage

Rollplay: Legacy[]

Abigael's Ring[]

  • It is said to be able to connect the mind of the user with the wearer of its counterpart ring.

Amulet of Unbinding[]

  • It is capable of freeing any constraint of movement on the wearer, be it magic, water or other force. It allows its wearer to fight underwater as if they were on land.

Armband of Healing[]

  • The wearer can cast 3 healing spells at their full potential per day.

Bag of Holding[]

Blood Singer[]

Blood-Drinker Longsword[]

  • The Blood-Drinker Longsword was a +1 sword (+1 to hit, +1 to damage), gaining an additional temporary +1 for each creature slain by its edge (up to a maximum of +5) for 1 hour.

Boots of Levitation[]

  • Tudagub's Magical Pink Boots
  • They contained the power of levitation

Bow of Theseus[]

  • It confers a +2 bonus to damage and hit and suffers no accuracy penalties related to distance until its maximum firing range.

Brightblade's Dying Wish[]

  • +2 bonus to hit and damage.

Cloak of Elvenkind[]

  • The Cloak allows its wearer to blend into its surroundings when covered by the cloak

Cloak of the Bat[]

  • +2 bonus to AC
  • Grants a 90% chance to be completely invisible when standing still in shadow. Any additional hiding skill checks are made after this.

Cloak of Defense[]

  • +1 bonus to AC

Dragon-Breath Shield[]

  • Near impervious to dragon breath.

Girdle of Many Pouches[]

  • 64 magical pouches, will only 8 visible and the rest hidden. Each pouch is a miniature bag of holding that can store up to 10 pounds.



Lance of Charging[]

  • It enhances the knockback power of the wielder when charging down an opponent.

Mace of Light[]

  • The mace is capable of a massive burst of light by slamming it on a surface and yelling the magical word 'Duloc'.

Necklace of Cheetah Speed[]

  • Grants the wearer +2 movement speed and once per day they can use the item's power called 'Cheetah speed', which grants 45 ft of movement speed for 3 rounds

Orb of Souls[]

  • Magical orb destroyed in Episode 2

Portable Hole[]

Red Oaken Shield[]

  • Resists all flames. Grants exceptional prowess in combat.

Ring of Domination[]

  • The ring also grants telepathic communication with one's underlings and a greater ability to instill fear in them. "To dominate someone, they have to honestly think of you as their master/leader. You can't just agree on it/disagree on it. It has to be a subconscious thought."

Ring of Three Wishes[]

  • Grants three wishes.

Rod of Lightning[]

  • With the power of its command word, "Dalamar," the rod calls forth a flash of lightning, tearing through the heavens and devastating its target for 6d6 damage. The rod can only be used three times a day.

Rod of Terror[]

  • Use a charge to cast an aura of terror, anyone who fails their save is frozen in fear. Upon activation, there is a 1/5 chance to permanently lose 1 charisma.

Various Potions[]

Wand of Wonders[]

  • Random, both good and bad effects e.g. Casts a fireball spell at the target or Reduces the wielder to 1/12 their original height, permanently.


Rollplay: Solum[]

Amulet of Protection[]

  • +2 protection to the wielder.
  • Looted of Lady Felicity's corpse in Week 26

Boots of Elvenkind[]

  • When worn it mutes all the footsteps of the wearer, when used in unison with an invisibility spell it makes the wearer almost undetectable by normal means.
  • Looted of Lady Felicity's corpse in Week 26

Dagger of Bone[]

  • Causes permanent wound when it inflicts damage.
  • Looted of Lady Felicity's corpse in Week 26


  • +1 cloak of protection
  • Looted off the Voraci Orc champion know as the "Reaper" in week 20

Leather Armour of Protection[]

  • Provides a +1 bonus to AC.


  • +2 weapon

Horn of Blasting[]

  • When activated, it a sound shoots out 120 ft long, 30 ft wide cone effecting everyone in that area who can hear it.
  • On a pass save the effects are: Stunned 1 round, Deafened 2 rounds
  • On a fail the effects are: Take d10 sonic damage, Stunned 2 rounds, Deafened 4 rounds
  • Looted off the Voraci Orc champion know as the "Reaper" in week 20


  • +2 weapon,+ 2 bonus to accuracy and damage. It also strikes faster, giving the wielder an extra attack each round.

Various Potions[]

Rusty Short Sword[]

  • When striking a target, if the target fails a save vs poison the target insurer's extra poison damage, on top of the damage taken from the sword.
  • Looted of Lady Felicity's corpse in Week 26

Tombs of Scoria[]

See main article: Magical Items in Tombs of Scoria