"Are you quoting crime statistics at me?" ― Lili[source]

History Edit

  • Lili had a difficult upbringing, rife with bullying and domestic abuse. This enabled her to become stronger and tank damage. It also instilled a deep desire to prove that she's not like the other orcs; she is nonviolent but will protect herself and her friends when necessary.
  • She washed up on shore of an island near Santa Barbara, was picked up by Kell Bridget and then presented to Governor Daffodil and the gang with no recollection of how she got there.

Armor Proficiencies Edit

  • Light armor, Medium armor, Shields

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Simple weapons, martial weapons

Features & Traits Edit

  • Rage (Barbarian Lvl 1) (3 Rages Barbarian Lvl 3)
  • Unarmored Defense (Barbarian Lvl 1)
  • Reckless Attack (Barbarian Lvl 2)
  • Danger Sense (Barbarian Lvl 2)
  • Path of the Totem Warrior: Totem Spirit Bear (Barbarian Lvl 3)
  • Tough (Feat at Lvl 4)(Ep 8)
  • Extra Attack (Barbarian Lvl 5)
  • Fast Movement (Barbarian Lvl 5)

Equipment Edit

  • Great Axe
  • Javelin
  • Great Club

Languages Edit

  • Common, Orcish

Personality Edit

  • Lili is quirky and sassy. She will spit at others if she feels disrespected.
  • She is very artistic and enjoys painting and drawing.
  • Mostly a pacifist, willing to fight when she has to.

Trivia Edit

  • Not like the other orcs
  • Likes to paint
  • Was beaten by her family cause she was different and quirky and not like the other orcs
  • Faces racism due to being half orc; Daffodil in particular has shown prejudice, frequently referring to her as a "creature" and implying she might fulfil negative orc stereotypes.
  • Likes to suck toast
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