The world is young. This is the early days. In a valley, on the island of Bravo, in the Arcadian Isles chain, two gods stand talking to each-other. One of them is Malkis, the other is Voraci. They are having an argument.
Malkis has created a whole bunch of humans in this little valley here, populated it with his people, and is sitting back and enjoying. The Goddess Voraci walks up the valley to Malkis and starts to argue with him.
"Malkis, brother, we had agreed this valley was going to stay empty. That this would be the divide between your people and mine. What the hell!?"
Malkis looks at her and says "Well... people. They're here now."
Well Voraci, her anger and wrath, tells him that she will be sending her monsters here to kill everyone so the valley can return to it's neutral state. So she leaves.
Malkis turns around to the rest of the humans assembled, who are sorta of brand-new, having been just magic-ed into existence, not really sure what the hell is going on. Malkis looks to five of them and goes "Okay, you four, your duty from here-on out, at least until it's fine, is to protect this valley from the monsters over there. Good."
Malkis starts walking down the valley and starts talking to other people.
You four, brand new, maybe 10 minutes old, take a look around, and figure out who the hell you are.


Neal Pass Erickson - Dungeon Master
Anna-Sophie (Feyama) - Nyx
Greg Hansen - Jun
Nick Prouvost (AG_GreenZerg) - Abaddon
Ryan Hufschmid (h0goblin) - Izual
Sean - Kael

Notes Edit

Not using the Perception Stat, which is used with 2.Neal typically.

Episodes Edit

LAG text
Episode 0 9th August 2020 Youtube20px Youtube20px Twitch20px
Character & Campaign creation
LAG text
01: Hello World 30th August 2020 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20px
The adventure begins!
LAG text
02: Foobar 20th September 2020 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20px
Party fights the ogre champion.
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