• Founded on the best iron mine in Arcadia.
  • Very mixed population with the Dwarves that are native to the hills.
  • High Prince Siegfried Kronwikk inherited the throne after his mother, High Princess Hildegarde was forced to abdicate when it was discovered that she was under-reporting the iron produced in order to raise the prices and then keeping the extra for herself. The central government grew suspicious and sent some adventurers to investigate (Shenanigans 147). They broke into royal housing to search for the two ledgers, one real and one cooked. The adventurers were all caught before finding the evidence. Knowing suspicion was on her, High Princess Hildegarde step downed and surrended herself to Queen Wikk. High Princess Hildegarde now resides in the capital under house arrest where she will spend the rest of her life.
  • Siegfried Kronwikk ascended the throne of Kronwikk on October 18, 1494.

Leadership Edit


High Prince Siegfried Kronwikk - 6'5", 180 lbs, human male. Born 1471 (38). Trait: Secretive

  • Denna Kronwikk - (Wife of Siegfried Kronwikk) 5'7" 129 lbs, human female. Born 1480 (29). Right handed. Trait: Punctual.


Nila Theyvin: Female Human.



Arc MageEdit

Arc Dorian

Captain of the GuardEdit

Kel Wolfgang Steel: 6'5" 203 lbs, human male. Born 1453 (56). Easy-going


Kel Gwen Ludendorff: 5'7" 151 lbs, human female. Born 1483 (26). Irritable.


Kel Gemma: 3'7" 99 lbs dwarf female. Born 1380 (131). Narrow-minded


  • 80 dwarves with chaim mail, sheilds and axes
  • 34 humans with leather armor, javelins, and short swords

High ClericEdit

Mother Guilda: Cleric of Martha

  • 100 Year old Dwarf

Demographics Edit

  • Human 20%
  • Dwarf 70%
  • Halfling 10%
  • Noble Houses 19
    • Steel - Human
      • Married into Kronwikk in the last generation
      • Member serves as captain of the Guard
    • Rust - Dwarf
    • Hansen - Human
    • Ludendorff - Human
      • Member serves as Gatekeeper

Inns Edit

  • Poor: Rusty Nugget
  • Common: The Bedrock Inn
  • Good: The Kronwikk Inn

Taverns Edit

  • Poor: South Gate Tavern, Dwarf's Den, Ripley's, The Orc Breaker, Grog and Ale
  • Common: The Hungry Toad, The Rapids, Buck's Dwarven Tavern
  • Good: The Gryphon's Roost

Temples Edit

Other Edit

  • Detective Agency: Various Operations Agency (VOA)

Watersource Edit

  • Spring in town.

Notables Edit

  • There are 3 mining villages around Kronwikk with 3-4 mines from each of them, for a total of 10 mines in the area.
  • Xorn are abundant in nearby hills and a constant problem.
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