• The Knee is the bend around the island, and the town caps the knee, thus, knee cap.
  • Elevation: 150ft
  • Statue of Quantarius built into the side of the cliff with a mechanized elevator to haul goods up.
  • One of the nearby villages is run by Kel Kelly Lily, the Mother of Olivia Lily.
  • Kneecap was ravaged by the Demon Invasion of January 1510. By March they were an Independent City State and in the middle of a famine. (Misscliks Devotion: Episode 37).
  • Kneecap had had bad blood with with the other surviving town of Cliff County, Longcast. Members of Longcast allegidly pretended to be refugees and entered the town and in the night attacked the town guard, but ulitmately defeated by Captain Grace.
  • In mid 1511 Scoria attack Kneecap, destroyed specifically the temple and keep, killing the lord of the town and the town cleric.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler: Town Council
  • Captain: Grace
  • Watchmen: Made up of Milita

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

  • Poor               

Taverns Edit

  • Poor               

Temples Edit

  • General - Destroyed by Scoria in mid 1511.

Watersource Edit

  • Well
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