• Primarily Dwarves
  • Elevation: Sea level
  • Mining Town

History Edit

In ancient times, Keldoram was founded by one of two Dwarf Clans coming to the Hemdorkas Hills. The other clan founded Mil Faldur to the East.

At some stage, was acquired into Eridon and deemed the Capital of Dwarf County. Allegedly ruling over those from the other clan in Mil Faldur.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler - Count
  • Captain -           
  • Gatekeeper -
  • Sheriff -       
  • Watchmen -  

Demographics Edit

  • Dwarf                       

Inns Edit

Taverns Edit

  • The Dwarf's Ship (Dwarf Sized)
  • The Meaty Rounds (Human Sized)

Temples Edit

Watersource Edit

  • Wells
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