Chinese style dragon (wingless). Insert full description here.


5e InfoEdit

  • Armour Class: 18 (LoT Segment 6)
  • Hit Points 120?
  • Speed float 60 ft (has separate swim speed?)

5e TraitsEdit

Rolling Hover The Wyrm winds though the air like a snake though sand, allowing it to easily fly above or around targets without provoking attacks of opportunity. A Jungle Wyrm only provokes attacks of opportunity in enclosed spaces where it has no room to manoeuvre. (LoT Segment 6)

5e ActionsEdit

Serrated Edges (Rolled 26 | 11) (12 Slashing dmg)

Bite attack (Rolled 25 | 8) (16 piercing dmg)

Spells Seen to cast: cast entangle. May have other spells.


Unknown. Only seen alone.


Is an Alpha Predator in Bravo. Not much else known yet.


  • Hrun: 17 to hit (Miss)
  • Hrun: 23 to hit (Hit)
  • Jungle Wyrm Lost 20hp and bar moved ~1/6th down (HP: 120?)
  • Sten Bumbling: 24 to hit (hit)
  • Dandingo: 18 to hit (hit)
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