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Chinese style dragon (wingless). Insert full description here.

Information on this page is from the The Legend of Yaka version of the Jungle Wyrm. The Jungle Wyrm of Empires of Arcadia appears to be much larger & stronger.


5e Info[]

  • Armour Class: 18 (LoT Segment 6)
  • Hit Points 120?
  • Speed float 60 ft (has separate swim speed?)

5e Traits[]

Rolling Hover The Wyrm winds though the air like a snake though sand, allowing it to easily fly above or around targets without provoking attacks of opportunity. A Jungle Wyrm only provokes attacks of opportunity in enclosed spaces where it has no room to manoeuvre. (LoT Segment 6)

5e Actions[]

Serrated Edges (Rolled 26 | 11) (12 Slashing dmg)

Bite attack (Rolled 25 | 8) (16 piercing dmg)

Spells Seen to cast: cast entangle. May have other spells.


Unknown. Only seen alone. Theory is there is only one Jungle Wyrm in Bravo.


Is an Alpha Predator in Bravo. Not much else known yet.


  • Hrun: 17 to hit (Miss)
  • Hrun: 23 to hit (Hit)
  • Jungle Wyrm Lost 20 hp and bar moved ~1/6th down (HP: 120?)
  • Sten Bumbling: 24 to hit (hit)
  • Dandingo: 18 to hit (hit)