Incarnum County

Incarnum County

 Incarnum County Edit

The Tinderbox

Controlled by the Tullwikk family, Incarnum has a sordid history within the kingdom of Drekis. During the war with Akuba, Tullwikk, the old name for the capital of Incarnum, was the site of the first battle. Akuba attacked without warning and Tullwikk was not prepared for war. The capital fell in a day and the leaders of the family, believing there to be no chance for a Drekissin victory, collaborated with the invading forces.

After the war ended, Tullwikk was renamed to Outlast, Darsis was given to Ridge County, and the spice islands were given to Voldan County. These punishments were meant to serve as a warning to the people of Incarnum - fail the kingdom again and you will all be put to the sword, family or not. The message has been taken to heart and the people of Incarnum have become overly violent and volatile ever since, earning their moniker “The Tinderbox”.

Two faced is a derogatory term used to remind Incarnians of their betrayal. Using it in Incarnum is likely to get you killed.

Outlast is home to a large fighting pit where people and animals fight to the death for sport.

Incarnum County aka The Tinder Box

  • Capital: Outlast
  • Borders: Forest in the east, hills in the south west, western island in the north.
  • Towns: RenkoreStoneport
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