Unrelated to the traditional D&D Monster called the Hydra.

The Hydra Demon is a monster created by Neal Pass Erickson.

Cobra like, but thicker, with claws/pincers ~6’ down the body. Underside is softer overlapping scales, top side is skinless and fleshy but covered in move-able, discolored, bony plates. They are curved to fit with the body, and attached only on one side (top).

When angered, aggressive, or regulating temperature, the plates fan up and down. About a third of the way down the body, a set of scorpion like pincers covered in chitin plating extend and face forward. An expandable frill stretches between the wide skull and the body for ~2 feet.

Has a 360° quill with dozens of spikes at the end of it's tail, only one thrown with each attack. The spikes will regrow.

Does not have legs.

Habitat/Society[edit | edit source]

While appearing animalistic from the outside, they are seen patrolling the ramparts of Demon Fortresses, and also seen as acting as solo scouts. In combat Hydras are ranged units, hurling their poisoned strings out at their enemies, exhibiting a level of darkvsion in the process. They are seen to be subservient to Task Master Demons & Lensman Demons. Hydras haven't be observed to date ever ordering another kind of demon around, or even being able to speak any language.

Ecology[edit | edit source]


Combat[edit | edit source]

2e Combat Stats

  • HD: ? HP
  • AC: 22 - In 2MP
  • Atk:
    • Claw: ?
    • Bite: ? - Can cause a Type R Poison
    • Sting: ? (Ranged Attack ?ft) - Can cause a Type R Poison
  • Movement: 12
  • Experience: ?

Hydras do not have any fire resistance.

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