Van-Healsing 3

Van-Healsing by Matthew Burger


Humans Height Weight
Males 2d10+59 168
Females 2d10+53 132
Lifespan 80 years
  • The kingdoms of Mistrya, Eridon, Drekis and Akuba are all ruled by humans. The kingdoms however have large segments devoted to the other races.
  • The common language in modern times is considered Eridonian, however many other nations do consider their own language to the the 'true' common language. Other major human languages are Mistryan, Drekissin, Mahtava, and Akuban. There is also Gadian which has been suppressed since Gade Isle's conquest by Eridon.
  • Surviving ancient Documents on the large tend to be written in the same ancient language called 'Ancient Common' however documents in the Caldonian Archives in Drekis are written in a different ancient language dubbed 'Caldonian'.

Racial Info

From 2e Player's Handbook

  • Movement 12, No Infravision
  • Class Limits: Can play all classes
  • Racial Ability Score Adjustments: None
  • Racial Ability Requirements: Str 3/18, Dex 3/18, Con 3/18, Int 3/18, Wis 3/18, Cha 3/18
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