This series is a sequel to Frozen Frontier. This page has major spoilers for Frozen Frontier.

Grimes and Kel William Marshal, struggling to overcome the Scrags, have finally accomplished Bellum's holy crusade to bring fire to Caldonia after Velthara abandoned her once favored people; however, their flight from the volcano left them with more questions than answers as they find themselves stuck in a new plane with no way to get home. What was the importance of the Orb? Why does only the Northern Sky have Stars? What is the dust that the dead become? Why can't the dragons fly?

And how will our Heroes get home?


Neal Pass Erickson - Dungeon Master
Ryan Hufschmid - Grimes
Nick Prouvost - Kel William Marshal

Episodes Edit

01: Brave New World 7 April, 2019 Youtube20px Reddit20px
Grimes and Kel William Marshal leave the Volcano and see the snow is melting. They start to journey north to get home, when some mysterious phenomena start to interfeer in this Brave New World.
02: Retreating 28 April, 2019 Youtube20px Reddit20px
Grimes and Kel William Marshal go find the Gnoll Shaman for knowledge of what is going on.
The party venture into the Demon Land across the sea.
05: Pray for the Party 18th July, 2019 Twitch20px Reddit20px
Aftermath of Matrigal's arrival.
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