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There are regional holidays not on this calendar, but these are the more widespread holidays of the setting.


Nerual, Matrigal, Aaris

Winter Solstice / New Years Day[]

Shortest day of the year. Family gatherings with a ritualized fire in the hearth and prayers offered to Nerual. Those who live their lives in suffering and who wish to end their lives can go to a temple where the priests will bless their death, helping them pass on. Although this is not an official part of the holiday, it is in vogue for people sentenced to death around this time to have their execution on this day.


Voraci, Solt, Ponos, Terassa, & Relkor

Mid Winter: Feb 14th <- High Holiday[]

The Five Gods of Misery come clawing at your door during the coldest time of winter. They whisper dark words in your mind, they drive you to madness. One must keep them at bay on this night of all nights. Nobody goes out. Everybody stays in. Any bits of life or happiness should be collected and ceremonially displayed around the hearth. It is not uncommon for people to bring small trees/bushes/shrubs inside and adorn them with honored relics - near the hearth of course.



Nadinis, Martha, & Matthis/Safia

Oakwish: Spring Equinox (April 1st)[]

Communities come together to plant trees (sometimes a single tree). Symbolic of the transition into spring, and a time of rebirth. Planting potted plants is another frequent method of celebration, as is the eating of candied acorns/almonds/walnuts or some other (usually) nut that has been saved and preserved throughout the winter


Malkis, Jexel & Velthara

Fool's Day: May 15th[]

A time of pranks, tricks, and petty vengeances. People are not only free, but encouraged, to seek out small acts of mischief. Eggs in shoes, buckets of water dumped out of windows, broken chair legs, etc. are not uncommon tricks to play. Those who have made many enemies can expect to be the subject of a great many pranks, for Velthara too watches over this holiday.


Martha & Illumis

Mother's Day: Summer Solstice <- High Holiday[]

It is a celebration of life, and those that produce life through parades and community gathering in the streets. People wear costumes, masks, and worship Illumis and Martha. It is said to be good luck to be a child born on, or conceived on, Mother's Day. It is a day of exceptional fertility, and many attempts to produce children are made on this day.



Chis, Reluna, Efra, Agepa, Bellum, Sayor, Quantarius, Jexel & Womaatoar

Jubilee: August 13th <— High holiday[]

A festival where people dress up in elaborate costumes, paint their faces (or wear masks), play games skill and balance, have archery competitions, make and sell art, and generally have an open, joyes, playful day. This is an ideal time to make your intentions known to a special someone. It is a time to show off your skills. It is a time to playfully practice the arts of war and fight with sticks. It is a day to make dirt angels, eat your fill, drink until you are red in the face, and run around in circles.



Astair & Velmontarioius

Repentance Day: Autumn Equinox[]

This is the day to make amends for all the mistakes and wrongs of the last year. People in power may ask for the forgiveness of those under them for generalized or specific wrongs and harshnesses they have committed. An honest ask for forgiveness, or an honest confession of one's wrongdoings must be met with compassion, mercy, and leniency. One can usually receive a lighter sentence for confessing crimes to law enforcement on this day.


Tempos, Felumbra, Voraci & Malkis

Day of the Grateful Dead: November 20th[]

Life is short and precious, so we must appreciate it while we have it. This day is when the natural cycles of the ebb and flow between worlds brings them closest together (Moon cycles also affect this). Many people make offerings to important (dead) ancestors, or make attempts to appease restless spirits. Appreciate your life, and appreciate the lives of those who you are indebted to.


Terrin, Nadinis, & Astair

Day of Tall Corn: Variable (early December)[]

When the corn has reached its greatest height, it is cut down and a harvest festival is thrown. This holiday is observed when the corn is highest, which means that it may happen on a different day town to town, or even farm to farm. In places where corn is not grown, a different crop is in the place of honor, and the timing is different as well.


Instead of having a birthday celebration, people celebrate the start of their new cycle. This is part new years, part birthday. People make resolutions for their next year of life in the same way we make resolutions for the next calendar year. Instead of asking someone “When is your birthday?”, one would ask, “When does your cycle start?” The start of someone's cycle is tied to Tempos (god of Fate and Time).