Grimes by Matthew Burger

Grimes matthewburgerart

Grimes by Matthew Burger

  • max warmth: 23
  • Grimes is a slender and athletic man with long, lithe limbs. He stands over 6 feet tall but tends to slouch or lean so can appear unassuming. He has a handsome face with sharp features: high cheekbones, cleft chin, and a crooked nose. His brown hair is receding, cut just below the ears and slicked back. He wears mutton chops and a styled mustache. His eyes are green and alert.
  • He wears a padded gambeson, leather boots, and leather gloves all under a heavy grey cloak. He is equipped with several blades and a light crossbow. When adventuring on the frontier he will wear a harness and large backpack with climbing gear including an ice pick, rope, and pitons.
  • Father = Dichard, Mother = Marrion (deceased)

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Dagger
  • Missile weapon style
  • arming sword
  • Ambidextrous (HoBo 13)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • tumbling
  • tightrope walking
  • rope use
  • mountaineering (2)
  • appraising
  • swimming
  • skiing
  • blind fighting (level 12)

Equipment Edit

  • Ring of Comprehend Languages
  • Magic +3 Light Crossbow of Accuracy (Obtained Episode 14) from Treasure Town
  • Mancala set
  • Magical Scrag Leather Boots (Obtained Ep 40) from Scrag Hole aka Boots of Elvenkind
  • Heavy Cloak
  • 6x Magic Scrag Hiding Cloak (Obtained Ep 43) from Scrag Armory aka Cloak of Elvenkind
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • Magic Phase Dagger (Obtained Ep 23) from Sleet's hoard
  • Magic Phase Arming Sword (Obtained Ep 43) from Scrag Armory
  • Magic +1 Scrag Arming Sword (Obtained Ep 40) from Scrag Hole
  • Ring of Handsomeness
  • Magic Quiver
  • Dragon Scale Armor, blessed by Bellum
  • Antimagic Gloves
  • Gem of True Seeing
  • Swift Sword (+1 att, no str)
  • +3 Dagger of Velthara
  • Scalp Scrolls
  • Bag of Holding
  • Staff of Power
  • 3x Wands
  • 100 gems
  • 10,050 GP

Languages Edit

  • Drekissin, Undercommon, any spoken language with his magic ring
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