NPCs from Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs.

Fen DenEdit


  • Owner of Dusty's Tavern.


  • Middle man for adventurers.
  • Hired party to get back the Coffin with his Late Mother inside.


  • Dwarven wagon driver, old friend of Wyatt's
  • Was captured by Goblins, but was freed by the party

Elderly SheriffEdit

  • Sheriff of Fen Den.
  • Friend of Wyatt's.
  • Frequents the ladies of the night.
  • Put into early retirement as of Episode 7.

Sheriff FrederickEdit

  • New Sheriff of Fen Den, replacing the Elderly Sheriff.
  • Appointed by the military after the party's heist in Episode 5.


Huckleberry HalberdEdit

  • Local Dwarf who drinks at Dusty's Tavern.

Lady Blackmare, ClaireEdit

  • Widow of Knight Blackmare.
  • Estate is a little outside of Fen Den.
  • Killed by See Lin while the rest of the party is out of town.


Sheriff LialEdit

  • Sheriff of Gumpbrun.
  • Rewarded the party for capturing the Hufschmid Gang.
  • Told the party the road to Bon' Theris was closed because of a Hill Giant.


  • Bartender at Jack's Inn & Tavern.
  • Chad Barbo owes him money.


Major TavingtonEdit

  • Baron of Pernisis
  • Major Tavington lead the Rwalwikk cavalry to take the Mistryan town of Honeyreach and sacked it on 1510-08-14, and then sacked Halfhill on 1510-09-27.
  • At an unknown date, flirted with Lady Blackmare. Her husband, the Knight Blackmare, was found dead in a spider cave very far from where he was supposed to be assigned.
  • Promoted to Colonel before 1510-10-15.

Lord Tavington JrEdit

  • Major Tavington's adult son.
  • Wears Officer clothing, but has never lead anyone in battle.
  • Is in Pernisis running things in Major Tavington's absence.
  • Committed prima nocta on at least one occasion.

Madam RebeccaEdit

  • Also called Rosetta.
  • Member of Wyatt's organisation. Calls Wyatt a "Cousin."
  • Runs the Wench's Wail tavern on the docks of Pernisis.
  • 5'7", 140 lbs, curly red hair, green eyes, mid-thigh shorts, black apron.

Hill FolkEdit

Cassandra of the Stone MenEdit

  • Vampire.
  • Imprisoned in a tomb at the southern end of the Draken Ridge by the Hill Folk.
  • Accidentally freed by the party.
  • Tall, bulky, well built, beautiful, dark deep eyes lined red, long flowing jet back hair tied back with wolf fur.
  • Adorned with finery, but still considered barbaric and primitive.
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