The Talens

Roc 2e

Roc from 2nd Edtion Monstrous Manual

Day 92 (1510-11-10)Edit

The Third Talen of The Talens. In the late afternoon, the party reach a spot up on the mountain where most of the party can't climb further. Brad Barbo goes off alone with his Yeti child, Blue. He climbs and finds the Roc nest. The Roc's nest has 3 Roc Chicks inside. Brad is quiet, but the Yeti charges in and attacks the Roc.

Below, Gerald Knott is at the end of a ledge ready to cast levitate on Brad. Brad sneaks around the nest to look for the Crown of Domination as the Rocs kill Blue. Locke climbs across and Midori climbs half way. Locke attacks the Baby Rocs. Midori makes the rest of the way across.

The party kill the 3 baby rocs, and Gerald levitates over. Brad finds the crown and some other items. There is a magical shortsword that is quick and light as well.

The party tie ropes between themselves and cross the mountain side to the other side, where Chad the Yeti is waiting. They slowly go back to Dominic and then wait until night to row back out to sea and head over to the Second Talen.

A few miles out to sea, the party hear the Mother Roc cry out in anguish.

Before the party get to the Second Talen, it begins to snow. They get to the Talen and go into a cave to rest.

Day 93 (1510-11-11)Edit

The snow storm continues and the party stay in the cave. After some sparring, Brad realises his magic sword is a +2 sword of speed. Gerald studies the crown and it is controlled by something else, but whatever it is it's missing.

Day 94 (1510-11-12)Edit

The snow storm ends and the party head back to the rowboat. They return to the cove where they were to meet Captain Chet's Ship, but in the cove are 12 Kobolds fighting a cornered Mammoth. The rowboat pulls up so they can join the fight and kill the Kobolds. Then the party attack the mammoth. Brad attacks the Mammoth on it's back, but the Mammoth crushes Locke, leaving him unconscious.

Midori stabilises Locke and then the party collect parts from the mammoth.

That night, Gerald makes the signal and Captain Chet's ships arrives. The party ferry themselves and all their loot to Captain Chet's ship and sail to Pernisis. On the trip, Captain Chet buys the mammoth tusks and the Roc's parts from the party for 500 gold.

Day 95 (1510-11-13)Edit

The party arrive near Pernisis and see the flags are up, showing that Baron Tavington is in town. The party is dropped off to the north of town. The party arrive in town separately. Gerald heads back to the magic shop in a disguise. The shop keeper doesn't trust Gerald, but Gerald makes an idle threat about Fireballs and the shop keeper sells the spell to Gerald.

The party return to the "Wench's Wail" separately. Chet gives a wave to Rosetta and then heads upstairs. Rosetta gives the party the gold and the translation notes. Locke heads upstairs to read the notes.

That evening the whole party go over the notes. Brad hears about the sinking of a Drekissin Fleet. Midori doesn't hear anything.

Some guards arrive, asking for a Cleric of Martha wanted for the murder of Baron Tavington's son. Midori is now a Cleric of Volaci, so no one turns her in.


by LilyPichu

Locke goes for a walk with Midori and thanks her for saving his life, wondering if she is going to change gods. Midori says death is a perfectly natural part of life and that she has no need to change.

Brad sneaks into the nearby military camp. He hears that Colonel Tavington had a mage cast a spell on his son to see the last moments of his life; this is how he found out Midori's involvement. Also, Colonel Tavington's people have heard that a Gnome threatened to fireball the town, so all the gnomes in town are being blown up.

Day 96 (1510-11-13)Edit

Brad tells the party everything he had found out the last night. Gerald changes his disguise to that of a child.

The Crown of Domination requires an item in order to function. In the margins of the tome about the catacombs, were notes on something called a "Philosophers' Stone". The party assume a Philosophers' Stone could be the item needed to use the Crown. The possible locations of a Philosophers' Stone are listed as: The Wizard Airship (skies above Arcadia), Fortune (Eridon), Valesburg (Solum) and Tide's End (Solum).

The party decide Fortune is much closer than the other locations and so decide that is their next destination. They leave on a ship for Bon' Theris.

Day 97 (1510-11-14)Edit

The party arrive in Bon' Theris and decide to rest a week.

Day 98 to Day 105Edit

The party rests to recover.

Level UpEdit

Party Level up Level 5:
Locke: +4 HP (42 HP Total)
Midori: +3 HP (30 HP Total)(note stamina changes also effect HP as well)
Gerald Knott: +3 HP (23 HP Total)
Brad Barbo: +9 HP (38 HP Total)


by LilyPichu

Day 106 (1510-11-23)Edit

The party have new weapons made. Midori gets a steel long sword made. Locke has a steel halberd made. Brad has a Steel Dagger made. Midori also buys a shield and scale mail.

Gerald visits Brudella the Evoker's shop and asks about getting spells. The wizard at the counter, Cinder, suggests "Summon Lesser Demon", which is easier to cast because of all the Demons in Eridon. Cinder then explains about the Demon Invasion of Eridon. Gerald mentions his party is heading to Eridon, and the Wizard says that another customer was looking for people heading to Eridon to collect some things. She also suggests Gerald learn Clairvoyance.

Cinder asks Gerald out for dinner and drinks tonight.

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