The Talens


Day 89 (1510-11-08)Edit

Pernisis. The party meet a smuggling boat captain, Chet, who says the boat will be ready at dusk. He assures the party he can sneak them out without hitting any military patrols. The ship will then head straight to The Talens.

The party go shopping for supplies and clothes. Gerald swaps spells at a local magic shop to get the spell "Enlarge". The party also hire a person to carry stuff for them; they pay the hire extra so they can call him Dominic. Midori and Brad Barbo go out on a "not a date".

The group go on the smuggler's ship and they sail over to The Talens. Captain Chet says he had heard that another ship had come to the Talens recently.

Day 90 (1510-11-08)Edit

Captain Chet spots the other ship; it is a Drekis Warship. The party make arrangements to meet with Captain Chet in a week. The party row to the shore of the 2nd Talen at night. Brad gives Locke his Water Walking Ring since otherwise he would sink in the water.

The party hide their rowboat and then walk inland. They soon run into a group of Kobolds. Gerald Knott puts an illusion on the narrow path ahead in order to make it appear larger as the party attack the Kobolds. After some Kobold deaths, the rest of the Kobolds throw their spears and then retreat.

The party travel along a path and spot an enemy rowboat guarded by 3 solders. The party sneak to get past them. Gerald uses a rabbit illusion to disguise some noise that Brad makes. The party pass without incident.

Midori and Gerald can see in the dark, so they direct the party though the dark woods ahead. After a couple of hours the party exit the woods and spot an enemy camp in the distance. The camp is guarding the pass between the shore and hills. The party see 8 people and a prisoner along with their officer, a hulking knight with a massive 2 handed axe. The Knight wears the colors of Colonel Tavington. The Knight then executes the prisoner with a single swing of her axe and then returns to the cave.

The party look for a different cave to rest inside and find a long abandoned mine to rest in.

During the night, Midori hears a noise and wakes the party. It is 2 adult yeti. The party defend themselves and kill them both. Gerald's owl familiar spots 2 baby Yeti. Brad tames the children yeti. Brad names one yeti Damon, Midori names the other one Chad. Brad later renames his yeti Blue.


by LilyPichu

Day 91 (1510-11-09)Edit

The party head back to the woods with their new yeti companions.

Brad intercepts an enemy messenger, Dave, and takes him back to the the rest of the party. Dave the messenger claims his message was simply to get more whisky for the camp. He says his party are on the island to get a magic crown. He also says the large knight with the axe is named Greta and is mute. The captain of the search party on the 3rd Talen is Captain Billy, a Wizard. The party bribe Dave to give them more information about the crown.

The party wait around in the woods for Dave to return. Brad catches some rabbits and feeds them to the baby yeti. The party then set up a blind to watch the path and see various troop movements and search parties, but nothing indicates that they had been betrayed.

At night, their informant comes back. Dave says that Captain Steele and Captain Billy were talking about the crown being a Crown of Domination. This item could control whoever was wearing it. The informant is worried if they don't find the crown on the islands, they'll have to go to the Roc's Nest to look for it.

After paying off Dave again, the party decide to head to the 3rd Talen in order to go to the Roc's Nest to look for the crown. They row at night.

Day 92 (1510-11-10)Edit

The party arrive on the 3rd Talen around dawn and make a landing on a beach. After hiding the boat they head towards the mountain. Once they get to the base of the mountain Brad climbs the mountain side and starts lowering ropes.

When he is up high, he spots Captain Billy's camp on the North-West coast of the 3rd Talon but can't spot a Roc's nest. However, he sees the Roc in the sky hunting. Brad returns to the party and reports this.

Brad climbs back up the mountain side and watches where the Roc flys in an out to find its cave and then returns to the party. The party start to climb up the mountain towards the nest.

In the late afternoon they reach a spot most of the party can't climb past. Brad goes off alone with his Yeti child. He climbs and finds the nest. The Roc's nest has 3 Roc Chicks inside. Brad is quiet, but the Yeti charges in and attacks the Roc.

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