Day 17 (1510-08-27)Edit

The party spent last night in Gumpbrun. Gerald Knott researches Hill Giants in Gumpbrun's Library. He then returns to Jack's Inn & Tavern and tells the party what he found out.

The party head over to Sheriff Lial's office again to speak with him. He talks about the road to Bon' Theris being closed due to a Hill Giant attacking carts and such on the road. Gumpbrun, like Fen Den, is also offering a bounty on the Hill Giant: 10,000 copper coins.

The party head off down the road. They find the spot where Dave the potter's wagon had been attacked by the Hill Giant. Gerald finds the Giant's tracks with the help of his Owl; the tracks lead to a cave. The party follow behind the owl towards the cave. Outside the cave the party work out a plan.

Gerald lures out the Giant with a sound cantrip and then sends his owl inside. When the giant comes out, Locke and Chad Barbo jump on it from above. The giant is covered by grease by Gerald's spell; then Midori sets the grease on fire. After exchanging blows for a while, the giant is killed but Chad is knocked unconscious. See Lin considers killing Chad, but thinks better of it as the other team members are too healthy, and stabilises Chad instead.

With the battle over, Gerald Knott's owl scouts the cave and can't find the pet spider inside. The party heads inside the Giant's cave to camp out. They don't set any watches.

During the night, the giant spider comes out of a side passage and ambushes the party. The fight between the spider and the party goes well except Chad is knocked out again. The Giant Spider is eventually killed. See Lin takes the opportunity to kick Chad while he is still unconscious. Midori then heals Chad up. See Lin pretends to do CPR but instead kills Chad.

Locke is immediately suspicious, but he doesn't have proof. See Lin volunteers to be tied up and the party rests for the rest of the night.

Day 18 (1510-08-28)Edit

The party march back to Gumpbrun in the rain with the Giant's Head. They visit Sheriff Lial and turn in half the Giant's Head for the reward.

Day 19 (1510-08-29)Edit

The party arrive back in Fen Den and return to the elderly Sheriff there. The Sheriff forgot about the quest to pay 100,000 copper, but is reminded by Gerald. Gerald also has forgotten the reward amount, so only asks for 10,000 copper.

The party head back to Dusty's Tavern. Locke challenges See Lin to a duel in 7 days to settle the matter. See Lin doesn't want to take part in this duel, but Locke makes it clear he has no choice. Locke hires 3 guards to keep watch on See Lin and pays for an innroom for a week.

Before See Lin can be locked in the room, he makes a run for it. Locke hits See Lin with a sword and then Gerald casts sleep on him.

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