Day 3 (1510-08-13)Edit

The party are where we left them at the end of last episode, along the road between Gumpbrun and Bon' Theris, with a group of goblins below them near the road. Ready to ambush. and watching from above on the cliffs are the party.

The party try to sneak down, but are spotted. See Lin is knocked down by an arrow shot. Chad Barbo kills an Hogoblin archer and Locke kills another one. The last hobgoblins & goblins retreat.

The party travel the 8 miles back into Gumpbrun. They arrive and rest the night there.

Day 4 (1510-08-14)Edit

The party find a peasant wagon heading down to Fen Den and travel with them.

Day 5 (1510-08-15)Edit

The party arrive in Fen Den. They arrive back at Dusty's Tavern. Buck and Wyatt embrace, and Wyatt is glad that they recovered his mother's remains. He pays the party.

Party Level up Level 2:
Locke: +8 HP
Midori: +3 HP
See Lin: +8 HP
Gerald Knott: +5 HP
Chad Barbo: +14 HP

Day 6 to 13 Edit

Chad Barbo buys a Donkey called Dominic. Locke volunteers at a local orphanage. See Lin goes thieving. Chad, Midori & Gerald Knott hang out. Huckleberry Halberd, a dwarf, is impressed with how much Midori can drink.

On Day 12, the party meet up at Dusty's Tavern. Chad Barbo says their group name is Chad & the Barbos. He says a bobcat was spotted inside a spiderweb and there is a bounty of 50 gold for the giant spider's head. A scout has gone out to check the spider. Chad barely beats Locke in an arm wrestle.

Midori asks around and finds out the giant spider is the pet of a Hill Giant. Locke and Chad get into an argument, but it is defused by Gerald's song.

Day 14 (1510-08-24)Edit

The tracker, Stacy, comes back to town. The bounty for the giant's head is 100,000 copper. Stacy however, didn't see any giants. The party set out with Stacy.

They arrive at the cave 6 hours away from Fen Den. The party head into the cave. Gerald sets some webs on fire to clear a path in. As they explore, a Giant Spider jumps the party from behind. See Lin gets trapped in a web. The party attack the spider. Locke attacks, heavily injuring the spider. Chad Barbo chases after the spider but fails to jump over it; then he kills it. Chad then chops the Spider's Head off.

The party find two dead webbed people in the chamber. One is a peasant and the other is a knight. The knight's shield is a black horse on a red background, the sigil of the Blackmare family; "Fear Our Wrath" are their family words.

The party head back to town with Stacy and enter Dusty's Tavern.

Wyatt is impressed they took out the spider. He takes them to the Sheriff. The Sheriff pays them in Caldonian Gold Coins, obtained by the Caldonian Expedition.

The party return to the inn. See Lin makes up a story claiming that the Sheriff has been stealing money from the people. No one believes See Lin. The Sheriff denies the accusations. Locke demands that See Lin be searched, but he has a story for all the money. Locke makes See Lin pay 10 gold at the tavern to give everyone drinks.

Locke beats Chad in an arm wrestling contest. Then, Midori beats Chad in an arm wrestling contest.

Day 15 (1510-08-25)Edit

Wyatt talks with the party. He talks about the corruption that has been benefiting landed nobles, the war that has been used to consolidate wealth and power, the fact that certain people are being marked for death so the state can get their lands when they die. The party want to investigate these things.

However, the party first take the body of the Knight with the Blackmare Shield, Hank, to the Blackmare Estate and return him to his widow, Claire. Chad acts rudely towards the widow. The widow says that her husband should have been on the front lines in Mistrya, not here in a spider cave.

Major Tavington of Pernisis, a cavalry captain in the Drekissin army, had tried to flirt with Lady Blackmare in the past. The widow tells the party that Hank had served under Tavington in the army.

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