A group of adventurers are on a hunt for wererats with a pixel pattern on their robes, after they stole Baroness Stephanie's Crown.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Neal Pass Erickson - Dungeon Master
Antoinette / BanzaiBaby - Brother Honeybun (Human Cleric)
Cira Corellia - Neega (Half-Orc Fighter)
Kupakins - Lumin (Halfling Druid)
Ryann Lynn Weller / TheOnlyRyann - Ryann (Elven Ranger)

Prequels Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Game On: Neega Prequel 11 March, 2018 Youtube20px.png
Neega's Village is raided while away on a mission. Neega hunts down those who caused it, Goblins, eventually discovering the traitor. Afterwards Neega moves the survivors of her Village to join a Orc Tribe on Gade Isle.
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Cast · Neal Pass Erickson · BanzaiBaby · Coyote · Kupakins · RnTwigTaco
The party helps out Sir Rupert Azrael recover is missing rubies.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Brother Honeybun and Lumin are on the case to find the Baroness Stephanie's missing crown.
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Brother Honeybun and Lumin are joined with Neega and Ryann. They head east to track down the thieves across the Golden Sea.
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The party reaches Razorbrook River and investigate the caves for the wererats.
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Episode 4: Full Moon 21 May, 2018 Youtube20px.png
The party sneak into the town of Fortune, hot on the trail of the Baroness' Crown.
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The party sneak into the thief's fort and find they have an unlikely ally.
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