Kingdom of Gadia


Before people lived on Gadia, it was ruled by Grimlocks. The first King of Gadia lead his people to take the island, armed with The Coral Sword. The capital was founded, Pinespur.

The Kingdom of Gadia existed for many years after that. The Coral Sword of the first King is seen as a symbol of the Kingdom and was passed down King to King. The Coral Sword is a scimitar with a peach-pale blade with dark yellow bumps across it. The hilt is bright and shiny purple and violet. A detect magic spell revealed that it has moderate amount of power, in the Necromancy school of magic. (+2 Sword, on hit causes bleeding that doesn't stop without intervention).

In 1380 the Kingdom of Eridon to the south waged war of conquest on Gadia and took it by force. Eridon's size made the war short-lived affair. So quick and one-sided was the war that the people of Gadia had no choice but to accept new rulers. The Eridonian forces landed on the south-east coast of Gade Isle and were met with resistance right away. They arrived at the forest outside of Pinespur and were met with resistance. Then there was the battle for Pinespur itself. After these three battles, each a decisive victory for Eridon, the Kingdom of Gadia was as good as taken.

Pinespur became the County Seat of the new Kell County. The existing nobility were reduced in rank as new people were placed in positions of power across the island. King Darrent Grayson was reduced to that of a mere Baron. The language of Gadian was suppressed and Eridonian was taught instead. Very few today know Old Gadian.

In 1499 the last heir of the Grayson line died, leaving the 90 year olf Baron Athren Grayson the last of the Graysons. Rumors that it was the Dartin Family or the Lindel Family were behind it. It is suspected either those families are going to succeed Grayson.

In 1509 the court wizard, Arc Barthas, gave The Coral Sword to a group of adventurers, Maribel's Marauders, who slayed a Wyvern troubling the island.

From 12th July 1509 to 28th October 1509, a Red Dragon, Brimstone, the Fire Incarnate, roosted on top of the Icecap Mountain and took control of the County, before it was trapped in the Orb of Imprisonment by Maribel's Marauders in Misscliks: Seaborn. The Coral Sword was lost somewhere in the Summerwood after the battle. During this time Baron Athren Grayson & Arc Barthas passed away, creating a power vacuum in Pinespur.

Following the 1510 Demon Invasion of Eridon, Gade Isle has become isolated from the rest of Eridon except for the town of Weatherlight to the south. The coast of Gade Isle starts being raided by the Pirate Fleet carrying on the "Maribel's Marauders" name.

Two former noble houses, the Vanderhorn in the East and the Winter in the West, in the wake of Eridon's fall in 1510, have made moves to reacquire power and lands they lost in 1380.

There is a school of mermaids that live near Gade Isle that had some of their population displaced for a few months near Embershore Isle because of Barthas the Wizard's teleportation spells. Their matriarch is Kaia.

  • Resources: Furs, Hemp, Linen, Dyes, Sugar, Lead
  • Pinespur Population: 1500
  • Rural Population: 31,000
    • On the east coast is the fishing village of Saramar, the home of the Vanderhorn, pop 750.
    • Chum is a small fishing village (pop 150)
    • In the Blumwood is the home of Neega's Orc Tribe (pop ~50)
    • On the south-west of the Blumwood on the coast is Winter's Reach, ruled by Lord Winter (pop 250)
    • On Therdin's Rock, off the west coast, is the refugees from Embershore Isle in New Valuton in 1509-08-12. (pop 50)
      • By the start of 1510, this was the home of Maribel's Marauders and their at least 5 pirate ships.
    • On the edge of Gator Beach is the village of Jacksonville. (pop 100)
    • There was a Silver Mine discovered near a village. Lord Olin Furyn essentially enslaved the town to work the mine. Assassin escaped and many years later killed Olin Furyn, but the village remains indentured to the Silver Mine.
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