NPCs from Frozen Frontier

Fort StaffEdit

Captain Jeneva Hughes11

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Kel Jeneva HughesEdit

20 29 16 10 12 13 14 15 11
AC HP Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Perception
  • Commanding Officer (Captain) of Conquest, Caldonia
  • Attack = d8+3 (Arming Sword specialization & strength) 3/2
  • Level 5 Fighter, 20 (Breastplate, chain limbs, shield prof)
  • Met in Episode 01
  • In 1509, was made Commanding Officer (Captain) of Fort Wikk, Caldonia.
  • In 1510, was made Commanding Officer (Captain) of Swampside, Caldonia.
  • In 1511, was made Commanding Officer (Captain) of Conquest, Caldonia.


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Corporal AlyshaEdit

  • Quartermaster / Captain's Aid of Conquest, Caldonia
  • AC 15 (Hides / Leather & Shield), Attack = +2, d8 (Battle Axe)
  • Met in Episode 01
  • Requires people to fill out paperwork in order to requisition items.

David The Chef4

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David the CookEdit

  • Cook for Conquest, Caldonia
  • Rank: Private
  • A life-long solder. Has Akuban ancestors but was born in Suulwikk, Drekis, to a merchant and spent much of his early life on the road, on ships, and in foreign countries. He spent so many of his formative years abroad that he actually has a bit of an accent.
  • Joined up with the army when he was 18. He has been promoted and demoted over and over. He is consider a good cook, but a troublemaker. He has serious dicipline and drinking problems that prevent him from being moved up the chain of command.
  • He volunteered for the Caldonian Expedition when he was drunk and showing off infront of the boys, and then kinda just like woke up and realised that like this is now his job.
  • He plead to not go to Caldonia where it is cold, and separated from his daughter Amelie. It didn't help. He was given ten lashes for his drunkenness and incompetence and sent on the mission anyway.
  • Met in Episode 01


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Sergeant ElizabethEdit


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Sergeant MalloryEdit


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Sergeant JosephEdit

  • Carpenter for Fort Wikk, Caldonia
  • AC 15 (Hides / Leather & Shield), Attack = +2, d8 (Battle Axe)
  • Let the construction of Fort Wikk.
  • Met in Episode 01

Sergeant StellaEdit

  • Sergenat at Conquest, Caldonia
  • AC 15 (Hides / Leather & Shield), Attack = +2, d8 (Battle Axe)
  • Half Elf




  • Leatherworker at Swampside
  • Civilian in her early 60s.
  • Arrives at Swampside on 18th April 1511.

Amelie by Impaeur

Amelie by Impaeur


  • Civilian Child Stowaway.
  • Didn't want to be left behind with her Aunt, so stowaway so she could be with her father David the Cook in Caldonia.
  • Friends with Jaromir.
  • Met in Episode 01


  • Ship Captain of the The Seaskipper
  • Was a captain in the Merchant Navy but was forcibly conscripted into the Drekis Navy.
  • Remains the Captain of her ship, but within the Drekissin Command Structure.
  • Met in Episode 01


  • Scholar



  • White Dragon (Met by Misscliks: Seaborn twice and a three times by Frozen Frontier).
  • Body is 30 feet, tail is another 20 feet.


  • White Dragon
  • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.


  • White Dragon
  • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.


  • White Dragon
  • Twice the size of Gale and Squall.



Gnash by Squary1


  • Captured by the party in Episode 01
  • Member of Musa's Pack






Zarrah by Matthew Burger



  • Member of the Long-Snout Tribe
  • Met in Episode 29
  • Nimrod was following the Caldonian Expedition, but was caught. He lead them to his leader Grumpkin. Grumpkin ordered Nimrod to keep following the party. As a result Nimrod has witnesses the powerful, terrible, and fantastical feats the party have pulled off.
  • After his adventure with the party, Nimrod, using the Sled Dogs, killed Grumpkin and took over the tribe.
  • Grumpkin however is seen alive later on however.


  • Chieftain of the Long-Snout Tribe

Frost GiantsEdit


  • Frost Giant working with the Gnolls at their tower in Episode 16



  • Carried the party from the Neural Shrine to the Great Hall of the Frost Giants.

Gordoth the WiseEdit

  • Leader of the Frost Giants. Lives in the Great Hall of the Frost Giants.



  • Kel William's Father-in-law
  • Runs the finances for the Caledonia Expedition
  • Corrupt
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