Monday, 21st August 1511Edit

The party is at the Scrag Hole. Grimes eavesdrops at the cave entrance and slowly moves into the pitch black cave and gets to the intersection they had their fight last time. He hears some intermittent metallic noises down the left passage. He leaves the cave and returns to the party outside and reports in.

That night the party prepares to go into the the cave together. Jaromir sets up the magical hut for Amelie outside. Jaromir leaves his amulet of Tempos with Amelie as well as a trap scroll. The party then go inside. The get to the intersection and William's harpoon is gone. Jaromir sees a hidden caster scrag in the wall. The party ambush the Scrag, killing it.

They find a locked brass cage with Soldier Gabriel inside the wall. Kel William breaks over the cage and Gabriel points out that a scrag fighter is hiding nearby. Jaromir uses the fan of gust to push aside the magic cloaks, showing where the non-magical scrag is. The party ambush this scrag as well and kill it.

Gabriel is sent outside the cave and the party go down the cave for five hours. The party turn back and get back. They meet up with Amelie and Gabrel. Jaromir diagnoses Gabriel as a dying man, without clerical treatment. Jaromir talks with William about using him as a subject for soul magic.

Wednesday, 22nd August 1511Edit

Jaromir covers Gabriel with markings, and pours the elemental into his spine. Gabriel body freezes in ice. The ice caves in without freezing to the ground and turns into an humanoid ice elemental with dead eyes. Jaromir commands the ice zombie to guard Amelie.

Thursday, 23rd August 1511Edit

The party head back into the cave with the Ice Zombie and Amelie with them. The party head down the tunnel for hours and hours.

Friday, 24th August 1511Edit

They come across a well lit area ahead. 3 figures have their backs to the party. Grimes scouts ahead and sees scrags practicing shooting bows across a lava pit. Grimes rushes in to push a ranger scrag into the lava, but fails to do so. The rest of the party rush in.

The cleric scrag can’t cast spells thanks to Melf's Acid Arrow so had to fight hand to hand. A scrag kills Jaromir with an axe blow. William throws two scrags into the lava. Grimes helps the Ice Zombie kill a scrag. The party surround the last scrag. William is kicked off but Grimes catches him in time. The scrag stabs Pharis unconscious. Grimes takes out the last scrag then moves to stabilize Pharis.

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