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The party make the return journey to Sleet’s lair to retrieve the remainder of the treasure and some more scales. During the trip Grimes has a strange experience where he loses time while scouting, but he thinks nothing of it. When they reach the pass, leading to Sleet’s lair, they find a band of kobolds sniffing around and so dispense divine retribution on the interloping kobolds, taking a single prisoner.

When they find Sleet’s lair undisturbed and after establishing dominance with the prisoner they release it. They spend a few days collecting the remaining treasure, some more leather and various dragon bits, much to the amazement of Nimrod. Eventually they make the return trip to the fort, on the way they spot some gnolls but decide to deal with them later.

They restock and head off towards the city on the lake, stopping at the creepy forest on the way. Jaromir insists on once more entering the forest of acid excreting trees for magical experiments, and they take a day to prepare. The following day William and Jaromir enter the forest, they reach the Willow in the centre with no problems. Jaromir finds that this area may have something to do with magical travel. He decides a deeper investigation is needed so sends William away and ‘opens his mind’.

William reaches the edge of the forest quicker than he expects and is informed by Grimes he was sprinting out, though he had no memory of it. Meanwhile Jaromir is having a bad trip, receiving only intense hatred from the willow. He tries to destroy the tree, but it is too strong and so he flees instead. The party reunite and decide to leave the Deadwood far behind.

Conquest City Map

When they reach the city on the lake, Jaromir proposes an unusual idea; to cross the river using tarp, the magic fan and the sled. They try Jaromir’s plan and make it across without horribly dying and find themselves in a surprisingly intact city named Conquest. They decide to start by exploring the temples for signs of wealth.

FrozenPeople matthewburgerart

by Matthew Burger

They enter the dark warrens below the frozen temples and do not find much of value other than mass graves, torture devices and cells. Until they stumble across four individuals frozen in a pristine state, the party decide to lug them up and defrost them over night so they can get at whatever wealth these ancient Caldonians carried on their person.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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