The party arrive at the kobold tunnels and the meeting goes… better than expected. They learn that there is a human city on the lake and also that the enigmatic Shortfurs are responsible for the new trees as they grow them and are also not hostile, leading the party to suspect they may be elves.

They are presented with ancient Caldonian elven coins which the kobolds revere as sacred artefacts, so of course Grimes steals them. They also learn that the strange amphitheatre they saw is the dragon’s lair and that the dragon, Frostbite, is currently hibernating.

After the meeting, Nimrod is ordered to remain with the party. Despite Grimes’ assurances that he could get some dragon treasure without waking the slumbering Frostbite, the party decide to return to Swampside.

The journey back is relatively peaceful with only one giant sighting and when they get close to Swampside, Grimes scouts ahead and spots….. a polar bear!

He tells the party and they head out to hunt it, but by the time they find it the troops from the garrison had already killed it.

They reach the fort and find that Zaaz’s ship is docked in the harbor. William reports their findings to Kel Hughes while Jaromir sets up another grow room and spends time with Amelie. Pharis works on the armour and Grimes checks his snares.

That evening everyone gathers for a meal, they corner Grimes about his linguistic abilities, but he masterfully avoids the topic. The evening progresses and the ale flows nicely. Eventually William and Hues starts a friendly Mankala tournament, leading to much banter and even more drinking.

Eventually William has to be half dragged to his bed, of course Jaromir uses William’s drunken stupor as an opportunity for magical mayhem; after covering William in arcane tattoos Jaromir conspires with Zaaz to play a prank on the inebriated William. To procure and plant some of Kel Hughes’ unmentionables on William.

Causing William much embarrassment the next morning.

Some weeks go by as the party rest and occupy themselves with mundane activities. Jaromir gets the brilliant idea to go elemental hunting and convinces Grimes to join him. Of course they get caught in a blizzard with no supplies. Facing certain death Jaromir decides to use his magic on Grimes and himself to encase them in amber, hoping the weather clears before the spell wears off.

A search party is sent out but find no trace of the wayward pair. Fortunately when Jaromir emerges from his amber cocoon the weather is clear, so he pops frozen Grimes into the portable hole and makes a solo track to the fort.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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