The party enter the gapping cave cautiously and shortly after William walks into a strange wall of energy. Jaromir investigates finding strange runes. One of the runes is similar to one of his tattoos, but he declared he would need more time to study the strange runes so the party stay the night.

The next day Jaromir dispels the wall and the party quickly passes through. They enter the cavern beyond the force wall and get a fright when they see a strange metallic looking bull. They cautiously proceed but the bull seems inanimate. More exploration reveals implements of torture and ancient bones and no other visible paths of exploration, Jaromir also finds a portable hole containing ancient corpses.

They decide to camp in the creepy cave for the night. During a period of rest Grimes does some practice with his dagger, he notices spectral forms over the bones of the dead. With the aid of his ring Grimes manages to speak with the tortured spirits, but the ghosts don't make much sense when questioned, though the party does receive a cryptic description of the mysterious Scrags, before Jaromir lays the dead to rest.

The next day they leave the torture cave to continue on their northward journey, they find that Nimrod had waited for them. Despite Nimrod’s warning of white wolves on the open plains the party bravely continue onwards. The days go by without them encountering any dangerous creatures, when they spot a blizzard wolf approaching they hide in Jaromir's magic hut and manage to avoid the encounter. Eventually they reach the ancient ruined town which turned out to be New Haven.

They establish a base camp while salvaging for valuables, Pharis encounters a shape shifting gnoll-like creature and the party decide to murder it. They go back to scavenging and find nothing of value, but they do find traces of the dragon passing. They also find that all the local trees seem to be fresh and alive. With nothing else of value they pack up and head towards Nimrod’s home, hoping to meet with Grumpkin, the kobold chief.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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