CursedWillow by Pyrosauce(ingkz)

by Pyrosauce(ingkz)


As we rejoin the party they are plotting their next journey, they decide to head to the northern ruins, hoping to find more wealth for the Crown.

Sunday, 17th Dec 1510Edit

Their journey goes relatively uneventful until they discover a grove of strangely coloured, bone encrusted - acid exuding trees, that the ancient Caldonians had gone through a lot of time and effort to wall in.

So of course, William and Jaromir decide it would be a good idea to explore this newly discovered grove. They move towards the dark heart of the copse but as they reach the center, they find strange standing stones arranged in the star constellations of the gods around a great willow tree.

While they investigate the area a tree root tries to entangle William. The party decide it is not worth their time and effort to slay the fearsome tree and retreat.

They decide they can investigate the strange forest at some later date and continue their journey. During the journey they spot some giants in the distance but have no further interaction with them. That night their rest is interrupted by snow elementals much to the joy of Jaromir.

Jaromir uses magic barrel. Gotcha! Snow elemental was caught!

The next day the party comes across what Grimes suspects is some kind of territory marker, but with no clue as to who left it. They decide to make camp, but it is not long before they hear the distant sound of drums. While the party prepare for battle, Grimes heads out on skis to scout the noise. He eventually finds a group of kobolds performing some sort of ritual at the entrance of a manmade tomb, puzzled Grimes returns to camp and reports what he saw.

Nimrod chibi

Nimrod by Matthew Burger

The next day the whole party go to the ritual site and enter the tomb to find a dead kobold ceremoniously wrapped in a kobold hair blanket. Unfortunately, the rest of the tomb was blocked by a cave-in. Just then their investigations are interrupted by the dogs barking outside. It turns out to be a kobold who Grimes befriends. Once it has been appeased with food, the kobold, named Nimrod, is quite chatty and reveals a lot of information and agrees to lead them to more shrines.

When they reach the next structure, they tell Nimrod that if it sees fire in the sky to go there and it will be rewarded with treats before being sent away. With Nimrod dealt with, they prepare to enter the ancient site.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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