Tuesday, 28th Nov 1510Edit

The battered party return to the surface to find out that the work crews have mostly restored the Temple to a habitable state which is good since a blizzard is in progress outside.

Thursday, 7th Dec 1510Edit

They again spend some time resting and recovering before once more returning to the dark foreboding catacombs. They find a font of holy water, which, while dusty, is unfrozen in this freezing tomb. William tastes a little and then gathers some to take along.

They continue onward and soon run into a strange shadow that summons forth angry dead. It is a battle unlike any they have fought before with both their bodies and minds being assaulted, but they bravely fight on, win the day and perhaps their very souls.

After catching their breath and moving on, they find royal tombs which they cautiously loot. Their polite pillaging is once more interrupted by a ghost who charms Kel Marshal. They manage to vanquish the ghost but again, William loses precious years. On the plus side, they discover an ancient pleasure lounge, complete with ancient alcohol.

With the catacombs cleared and made safe, the party returns to the surface. Jaromir produces a theory to restore William's youth and so retires to his magic hut to do some research. Meanwhile, the two Kels decide where to establish the new fort, while Grimes & Pharis are sent to go make contact with the local kobolds but can't seem to track any down.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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