Tuesday, 21st Nov 1510Edit

The party descend into the silent darkness of the catacombs hoping to find wealth and glory. Almost immediately they find that the catacombs are enchanted to prevent all sounds, and after just moving a bit further into the corridor William runs into a ghost, but the party deal with it quickly. William and Pharis move deeper into the eerie silence hoping it would end, they managed to avoid the deviously placed trap and eventually find an end to the silence.

The corridor leads into a chamber with some sarcophagi but there is no rest for the party or the ancient dead entombed here, as a blood sucking mist attacks the party and is then joined by the bones of the dead.... It is a bitter. Battle. but the party win out and decide to return to the temple to check on Kel Hughes and report their progress. On the way out Pharis uncovers a secret chamber but William is insistent they return to the surface before exploring it.

They spend a couple of weeks recovering while Pharis finishes the dragon hide armour before they once more descend into the silent catacombs.

Tuesday, 28th Nov 1510Edit

They explore the secret chamber that holds a map, which Jaromir is able to translate. During their exploration they encounter more of the ancient dead including a ghost which drains years of life off Kel Marshal and Pharis. Things get a bit dire for a while but they win out and continue their exploration.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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