The party is enjoying a long period of mostly uneventful rest before starting the big move south. Jaromir investigates the prisoner and discovers he is under some kind of enchantment which allows others to see through him. Seeing as Jaromir can't remove the spell and he remains uncooperative, William executes the prisoner.

William also receives troubling news about his brothers (Letter from James & Letter from Richard) but cannot do much to remedy the situation other than writing letters. There is also an incident where David the Cook is found severely beaten. He claims he fell off the roof and despite Williams investigation he finds only disrespect.


Wednesday, 21st November 1510Edit

Finally, the day arrives for the vanguard to move south and scout a location for the new fort. They establish an outpost in an ancient temple despite Pharis having a distrust of the decorative gargoyles. They discover troubling murals that tell of monsters called Scrag which attack at night.

They also find catacombs beneath the temple.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis


About the base of the statue of Bellum, the god of war is a series of reliefs.


by Matthew Burger

Panel 1: "They come in the night. They come in the dark." A panel of smallish monsters with drooping/floppy ears looking out from the woods under a mountain at a village of people.

Panel 2: "They come from earth and tree and stone. They become earth and tree and stone." Woodland monsters setting fire to a village, killing, and eating the people.


by Matthew Burger

Panel 3: "Beware the Scrags. Beware the shade of the woods where the Scrags sit and plan and plot." King stands before the people, protecting them with his shield while bodies of monsters are loaded into a cart.

Panel 4: "Praise Illumis, for when he shines the Scrags will not come." King dead on ground, being eaten by monsters, castle on fire, with the moon up in the sky and the constellation of Voraci adjacent to it.


by Matthew Burger

Panel 5: "We beg Velthara, give us might to avenge our king and our people." Soldiers push into woods, setting fire to trees and attacking monsters who seek refuge in underground burrows.

Panel 6: "We beg Martha, protect us from your sister’s wrath." Monsters chasing soldiers into an unwalled village, killing people.


[by Matthew Burger]

Panel 7: "We beg Bellum, give us strength to fight this evil." Cavalry riding down the monsters in the streets of the village.

Panel 8: "We beg Nadinis, forgive our destruction." Woodcutters chopping down trees while knights stand guard.

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