Thursday, 21st Sept 1510Edit

The party are enjoying some leisure time while preparations are being made to relocate the garrison. Their routine is interrupted by the arrival of a ship, and while it flies the Drekis flag, it is not a ship they recognize. Its actions raises their suspicions so they take precautions in case it is some ploy. William, Kel Hughes, Pharis, Jaromir and a few troops go to meet the incoming skiffs, while Grimes watches from a vantage point.

Their caution pays of as the new arrivals attack as soon as they hit land. Although they are outnumbered and cut off from the fort, the party fight valiantly. The battle turns in the party's favour when Jaromir's magic creates havoc in the enemy ranks. The party presses the advantage and inflicts significant damage, eventually their foes rally and rejoins the fray despite it being obvious that their comrades are getting slaughtered and there being only a small chance at victory.

Soon all the invaders are slain except one they took prisoner. The party try to identify the mysterious invaders, but they find no clues on the bodies. Kel Marshal and Grimes go to the fort to interrogate their prisoner. The prisoner turns out not only to be uncooperative and aggressive but also very rude and Akuban. Meanwhile on the beach Jaromir scalps the slain and Pharis prepares a long pig stew in the woods.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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