Thursday, 20th July 1510Edit

With Sleet dealt with, the party once again has to face their old arch nemesis, Logistics! In the end they decide to camp in Sleet's cave for a few days to rest and give Jaromir time to identify the magical items. They decide that after they have recovered, they will head to Salt Port where they will get the sailors to help them haul the loot back to the ship.

Before they leave, Jaromir freezes the cave entrance closed. The party then heads off into the frozen waste, hoping to reach Salt Port safely. The massive treasure haul slows them down somewhat but they persevere. During their journey Jaromir senses something strange, so uses a combination of magic and herbs to open his mind. During this altered experience he hears some strange voices.

The next day they continue their journey and Jaromir does not mention his experience the night before, the strangely calm weather leads William to suspect that perhaps Sleet had a negative impact on the weather. They make it safely to Salt Port and wait for Captain Becka. When the ship arrives, the captain and her crew refuse to set foot on the cursed land, leaving the party no choice but to pay her extra to wait and collect the treasure themselves. While they don't encounter anything dangerous, the weather turns bad on the return trip and their journey takes a lot longer than expected.

Tuesday, 19th Sept 1510Edit

They eventually arrive at Fort Wikk for a well-deserved rest. William learns that his father-in-law paid for a survey of Caldonia by leveraging William's Estate, but it was worth it, as they now have a map of Caldonia which includes some locations worth investigating. Grimes also receives a cryptic report from his cousins, on William's family.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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