The party stop at the fort just long enough to gather up the supplies and gear needed for their expedition before heading south to Salt Port. Unfortunately, Jaromir runs out of the reagents he needed to keep Kat going so they arrive in Salt Port without a snow golem. William almost immediately set out creating a large bonfire, while Pharis skins some of the frozen gnolls to make some fashionable gnoll skin cloaks.

Sadly, a blizzard sets in forcing them to wait before lighting the fire for several days. When the weather clears William lights the bonfire while the rest the party searches the skies for the dragon. It is not long before Pharis spots Sleet trying to approach stealthily. Despite Pharis and William mocking it, it takes a full hour for Sleet to launch its attack.

The skirmish is brief with an enlarged Pharis dealing significant damage, William almost getting crushed by the dragon's claws and Grimes taking some damage from the creature's breath. Sleet sensing, he has perhaps met his match, flees and the party hurriedly pursues it. As fortune would have it the party run into a group of kobolds who reluctantly agree to lead the party to Sleet's Lair. Good 'ol kobolds!

It takes many days of travel during on which they learn of giants and strange flying creatures to the south. There is no sight of the dragon during the journey but it is as if the very land has risen against them as they face constant storms, delaying the journey by days. Eventually they reach a pass near the lair but as they start the slow ascent they are attacked by Sleet, this time the dragon is more cautious and strafes them a couple of times before retreating to its lair.


Thursday, 20th July 1510Edit

Spurred on by the thought of mounds of treasure awaiting them in Sleet's lair. The party pushes onward, eager to slay the dragon and claim their reward. And it does not take them long to find the entrance, cautiously they proceed into the gloomy cavern. They find the wounded creature cornered inside, driven by frustration and greed the party makes quick work of Sleet and claim ALL its treasure for themselves.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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