Friday, 12th May, 1510Edit

The party are still recovering from the recent battle at Salt Port Keep, gazing out at the slaughter they had wrought. They may be tired and wounded but they are still standing, mostly anyway, after the vicious encounter with the gnolls. Before the blood chills on the snow and the party can take full stock of the situation, Sleet shows up and panic sets in.

They are battered, exhausted and in no shape to deal with any threats, let alone a dragon. They shelter inside the ruin while the dragon pokes around and tries to reach the tasty morsels inside. The cowering pays off as the dragon eventually gets bored and wanders off, leaving Pharis and Jaromir free to collect Mangee's corpse and prepare it for dinner.

They spend the next few days recovering, Pharis spends his time giving Kat a face and trying to assemble a throne of bones, while Jaromir does more experimentation with Kat's abilities.

? May, 1510Edit

Eventually Zaaz arrives bearing two more letters (Letter from Brother & Letter from Father-In-Law) for William and they safely depart Salt Port.

While chatting with captain Zaaz, William becomes a bit concerned about his family and asks Grimes if he could have someone look in on them for him. They make arrangements with Zaaz for another ship to come collect them after they had some rest so they can go explore the west coast. They learn that the hound master has started training his dogs to pull things in an effort to keep them out of combat. Jaromir receives a kobold teeth amulet from Amelie as a gift and William and Kel Hughes discusses moving the garrison South once Sleet has been taken care of.

Jaromir however, for whatever reason, decides he needs two months of rest instead of a few weeks, which causes friction with William who threatens to toss him out of the fort unless he changes his mind.

During the down time, Grimes perfects his ski techniques, while Jaromir works on deciphering his tattoos.

Finally, the ship arrives and Jaromir deigns to join the expedition. Unfortunately, the trip is fruitless and the party decide that their next objective would be taking down Sleet and so they prepare their strategies, sharpen their blades and pray for luck.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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