Friday, 21st April 1510

The party decide that while they were waiting for the ship in Salt Port, Grimes and Jaromir should go scout the salt mines. It is not long before the scouting party is attacked by an elemental ooze. Grimes' attacks appear to have no affect and so he distracts the creature by letting it devour him while Jaromir attacks it with magic. But Jaromir didn't prepare for battle so his spell choices are limited, but he eventually levitates it up into the air allowing Grimes to finish it off with his magic crossbow.

They reach the mine safely which are still warm inside and they find signs of other creatures having been there since the party's last visit. They spend some days scouting the surrounding area and trying unsuccessfully to find a safe way to reach the northern peninsula. They find nothing of interest and return to Salt Port without trouble.

During the next few days, Jaromir experiments some more while Kel William and Pharis spar.

Monday, 8th May 1510

One day sparing, WIlliam and Pharis spot some gnolls moving around in Salt Port and decide to go have a talk with them. They extend an invitation to Mangi to come and treat with the party at Salt Port.

Tuesday, 9th May 1510

The following day Jaromir spends the whole day creating his golem. His animated snowman gets a mixed reception from the rest of the party.

Wednesday, 10th May 1510

The next morning Jaromir wanders off into the woods with his new snowy friend Kat and spends time learning its limits and abilities. When night falls and Jaromir does not return the rest of the party gets concerned but so not much that they search for him in the dark night, so instead wait until dawn before beginning the search. They spend all day out in the cold but find no trace of the wayward wizard.

Sunday, 21st May 1510

The next day the weather turns bad and Jaromir decides to return to camp, he barely makes it back before it gets dark and faces the wrath & lectures of William. Near dawn the party is woken by the sound of a whistle and they find themselves under siege by a large army of greater gnolls.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis