The party in Treasure Town, is relieved to finally be picked up by Zaaz and they discovered that Drekis has gone to war and the captain has been pressed into military service.

They also get a letter that informs them that due to the war, the expedition is in risk of cancellation if it doesn't send back more gold soon. Also many saving measures has been put in place, which means less frequent resupply and green troops in the garrison.

They get dropped off at the fort to make arrangements for a ship for their next expedition.

In a few weeks they learn that the fort's garrison wiped out all the nose and Kobolds on the peninsula, and also discovered ski technology.

Jaromir learned some more spells starts golem research and working in his garden. Grimes practices with skis on his scouting trips while William and Pharis spar.

Eventually a little ship arrives to take them on their next expedition, and while it is a tight fit, they manage to load everything onto it, and head off for adventure.


Saturday, 15th April 1510Edit

In Salt Port their first order of business once they get there is to head to the brothel to perform a violent exorcism. The ghost is easily dispatched, and after rummaging around the brothel, they find a wealth of coin and tasteful items inside. They also find a safe, and after Jaromir uses his magic, he creates a set of lock picks for Grimes, who easily opens it. He put all their loot in the safe and decide to thaw some bodies overnight, on which Jaromir does some experiments. Kel William also finds clothing belonging to an ancient noble line, and he collects it for later use.

Sunday, 16th April 1510Edit

The next day Jaromir leads the party towards the logging camp, but before they reach it they are trapped in another ice storm for two days.

Wednesday, 19th April 1510Edit

Eventually they discover a pylon and start excavating the area around it, and discover a lumber mills ruins. They continue searching the area around the mill, but don't find anything of value. They head out again and encounter a band of Kobolds, who they ask about the ruins, and while the kobolds are helpful, they don't give out any new information.

They collect resin from fresh trees for Jaromir experiments, before returning to the safety of Salt Port.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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