1510.02.04 to 1510.02.10Edit

The party is playing the waiting game, as the days go by in Treasure Town, with no sign of Zaaz showing up.

They keep themselves busy as best they can to break the tedium of the wait.


Saturday, 11th Feb 1510Edit

Jaromir performs a ritual to see if he can discover more about the entity that touched his mind some time ago. He discovers stars missing from the constellation of Malkis but not much more.

After than a run-in with some kobolds, and Jaromir identifying more of the magic items, nothing interesting happens during the wait.

Eventually the tedium gets too much and they leave a sign for any would-be rescuers and set off exploring.

They run into some Gnolls, and it seems they have inflicted enough casualties on the known population to gain their respect though. The Gnolls give them some information about locations of note, in exchange for some trinkets.

Friday, 3rd March 1510Edit

Following the Gnolls directions they find a ruined fort in a mountain pass. It seems uninhabited, but mostly intact. While the others search the Fort, Jaromir spots Sleet in the distance. Despite this they decide to stay overnight, and the next day Grimes climbs the mountain for a better vantage of the area, and Pharis discovers a hidden book which he hands to Jaromir to decipher.

Saturday, 4th March 1510Edit

The next morning when William goes outside to answer nature's call, he notices the dragon watching him, but it flies off when the Kel takes out his shield. The party decide now is not the time to do honorable battle with a dragon, and head out again, but grimes notices the dragon observing them, and they decide to keep ignoring it, which seems to work, as it does not murder them horribly.

Near the end of the day the dragon flies off, and the party spends a quiet evening reciting dirty limericks.

Eventually they safely reach Treasure Town again, but there is still no sign of Zaaz or a ship. The next day they spot ship sails in the distance.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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