Wednesday, 4th Jan, 1510Edit

Gnoll 2e

Gnoll from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

The party launches their surprise attack on the tower, but find themselves surprised as a frost giant, Bertha, rises from the snow outside.

Fortunately Jaromir entrances it with his magic, allowing Grimes and Pharis to sneak up the tower. Bedlam breaks out as Pharis and Grimes find the Gnolls hiding upstairs.

The fight rages up and down the tower in a very dramatic fashion with Bertha the Giant climbing, dogs leaping to their doom, and spells thrown around. Eventually Bertha the giant is slain, and the Gnolls soon start falling one by one.

Exhausted but alive, with one Gnolls prisoner, the party searched the tower, and find no sign of the treasure hoard.

Dejected, they decide to move back to their camp, thinking that staying in the tower might be a bad move. However when they reach camp, they find Kobold scavenging it. Fortunately Jaromir uses his magic to frighten them away.

Thursday, 5th Jan, 1510Edit

The next day they tracked down Bertha the Giant's body and scalp it, and decide to find somewhere away from the tower to recover.

The Gnoll prisoner reveals to them a white dragon called Sleet leading a pack of Gnolls to the south before Pharis turns their prisoner into a delicious meal.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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