Thursday, 23rd Nov, 1509Edit

The party spent a restless night in the Treasure Town Inn waiting for Gnolls, who never show up, and decide to spend the day to setting up alarms and traps, before doing any more exploring.

Friday, 24th Nov, 1509Edit

The next day they make their descent, and explore the ancient tunnels. While exploring, they come across an invisible bridge, over a seemingly bottomless chasm. They use snow to mark the way and cross, ignoring Grimes's safety precautions. Eventually they reach a locked door, which despite numerous attempts from various party members, they fail to open. They decide to call it a day and return back to the tavern, to find rats had eaten some of their rations.

Saturday, 25th Nov, 1509Edit

Next day they returned to the safe once more, and this time Jaromir magic does the trick, they enter the room to find it is a treasury filled with loot. There is also an ankh, a green dragon scale shield, a crossbow, and a set of hideous leather armor, which are all magical. Their joy soon turns to despair as they realize they had a lot of gold to move to the lighthouse before their deadline.

They decide to take only the most valuable treasure with them, and leave the rest for later. Jaromir magically identifies some of the items, while the rest spends some time setting traps, and covering the pit, and erasing any traces of their presence, before they leave.

Their journey goes well with no blizzard or attacks.

Saturday, 9th Dec, 1509Edit

They reached the lighthouse with a week to spare. They spend their time waiting, sparring and doing some light scouting of the area and encounter no trouble, other than a small pack of Gnolls that watch them from a distance, creepy. Jaromir also lights up some of the large rocks from off the coast.

Monday, 18th Dec, 1509Edit

Eventually Captain Zaaz comes and takes them and their haul aboard,

Wednesday, 20th Dec, 1509Edit

When they arrive back to the ruins however they noticed that the pit has been excavated by a large creature, and the treasure chamber has been looted. Annoyed, they go to check on the tavern and find the traps there have been sprung.

Dejected the party decide to return to the fort to restock, and plan their next move.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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