Friday, 16th November, 1509Edit

The party decides to risk resting in the wilds, while Grimes keeps an eye on the Gnolls, but when Grimes returns to the Gnolls camp, he finds it abandoned, and the only sign of the Gnolls is a series of tracks heading south. They decide to sleep in the abandoned camp and after a quiet night they return to Fort Wikk.

1509.11.17 to 1509.11.20Edit

Jaromir informs the garrison troops that he is offering extra rum rations in exchange for Kobold scalps, and while Kel Hughes is not happy about the bounties, she begrudgingly allows it to happen. Jaromir also finally gets a dinner date with Corporal Alysha, and while they get to know each other a bit better, she does not seem any fonder of Jaromir.

Monday, 20th Nov, 1509Edit

During their rest period the supply ships arrives, bringing the party's requisitions, including a carpenter, some seeds, soil, dogs and reinforcements for the fort. Jaromir starts his greenhouse experiment while Kel William negotiates with Zaaz as to ferry them. They come to an agreement and make arrangements, and soon travel to a location marked as a town on the ancient map.


Thursday, 23rd Nov, 1509Edit

They get dropped off in Treasure Town, and Zaaz agrees to pick them up again in approximately one month. As they explore, they find a very large crater where the town center used to be. The first order of business is setting up a base camp in one of the stone buildings.

Once they are settled, William starts trying to excavate the crater. William eventually falls through the snow, and finds himself in a man-made tunnel network. The rest of the party scramble and frantically digs him out, eventually they reach him and decide not to explore the tunnels just yet.

Faris finds some tracks, which they followed deeper into town, and lead into an ancient Inn, but no sign of any Gnolls. They decide to set up camp in the Inn and wait in an ambush, but alas no Gnolls show up.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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