Tuesday, 10th October, 1509Edit

The party find themselves in a long abandoned mine. They are in desperate need of rest, but decide to explore the area first, and make sure there are no hidden dangers. After a bit of exploring they find an ancient safe ravaged by time. Grimes takes the time to work at the safe, and eventually opens it to find a small fortune inside the decrepit safe.

Satisfied the mine is safe for now, they settle in and start creating a base camp.

Jaromir uses the downtime to translate the ledger they found using the magic ring. The ledger talks about the new Monarch of Caldonia, Queen Dea perhaps being a Sorcerer, and that the Gollem was to protect the mine from Scrags, meanwhile Grimes and Kel William come across fresh humanoid tracks in the snow. Following the tracks they lead them back to the cave they are sheltering in.

William goes to warn Jaromir and Pharis, while Grimes walks into a Gnoll ambush, but fortunately Grimes manages to drive the creature off.

The party decides to heighten security, and have William guard the mine, while Grimes gets hunting duties.

Salt Mine Map

Map found in Salt Mine

Meanwhile Jaromir magically investigates the mine, and finds an amulet of protection hidden in a wall. They also find an ancient vellum map which contains more interesting locations they can investigate. They decide to return to the fort, but there is some dispute over whether or not they should take the amulet along, or leave it where they found it since Jaromir failed to identify its magical properties, and in the end Kel William deems it too important to leave behind. They take it with them when they leave.

Tuesday, 17th October, 1509Edit

Owlbear 2e

Owlbear from the from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

The trip to the Salt Port lighthouse is arduous, and supplies start running low, so they spend some time foraging, which is rudely interrupted by an Owlbear that viciously attacks Pharis and brings him close to death. Jaromir tries to stabilize Pharis, which draws the attention of the Owlbear.

The Owlbear swipes at Jaromir, but fortunately the amulet protects him from most of the blows. The beast is fierce, but Grimes and Williams managed to rip it to shreds, while Jaromir tries to save Pharis' life.

With the Owlbear now providing food, they decide to camp where they are to ensure Pharis' survival.

1509-10-17 to 1509-10-22Edit


Kobold by Matthew Burger

During the days that follow, they managed to catch a Kobold Scout, which Jaromir enlists as an unwilling volunteer for his experiments, in an attempt to get it to reveal information. Though not the smartest the prisoner, does point to directions of ruins, and reveals they are home to Gnolls. When the Kobold produces nothing else of worth, Jaromir practices tattooing on the Kobold, turning it into a scroll bold.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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