Sunday, 20th August, 1509Edit

Our intrepid explorers leave the safety of their shelter, and head toward the mysterious smoke column. They journey across the white bleak and desolate wastes of the tundra. They make it to the forest on the coast where they find some delicious seals on the nearby beach, and also the sight of the great fire, which they determined to be some kind of massive Gnoll funeral pyre. They find tracks leading south, which they follow to the edge of the forest.

That evening they discover that once wood is chopped, it starts rapidly ageing, which is the reason for the ready supply of firewood. This they find is a reaction similar to the frozen body they found earlier.

Monday, 21th August, 1509Edit

The next day, they once more start crossing the open Tundra, despite misgivings from some members of the party.

A sudden storm engulfs them during their crossing, while hastily trying to set up their tent, they hear a growl and a massive white wolf emerges from the storm. The Beast has obvious supernatural abilities, but they managed to slay it nonetheless, and when they do the storm dissipates.

They keep travelling, and reach the edge of the forest, where they make camp, and Jaromir treats their wounds. They decide to stay a few days to rest up so, spend some time stockpiling supplies, which turns out to be a good thing as a blizzard kicks up, keeping them locked up for several days, but the party spirits remain high.

They resume their journey south, and reach the area where the mountain range meets the sea, and they find a trail leading up the mountain, which they follow. After hiding their sleigh, the climb is arduous, and mist obscures their vision, leading some to ponder if they have reached the edge of the world. The path ends, but Grimes scouts ahead, and sees a cave entrance.

Sunday, 27th August, 1509Edit

With some help from Grimes, the party crosses safely to the cave, but discovers it is home to a family of yetis. Once again the party is in a fight for their lives. They slaughter their foes, and while they find a treasure trove in the cave, they find nothing to indicate the cave is man-made. However the next day the mist is gone, and from the vantage of the cave mouth they spot a lighthouse in the distance. Hope is restored at the sign of civilization.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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