The party sets out on another trek, but don't get very far before another blizzard starts kicking up. The party frantically gather what firewood they can, hoping it will help them survive the deadly weather.

By day four trapped in their small tent, the party is starting to grind on each other. On the sixth day, the blizzard blows itself out, and the party decide to restock their depleted supplies. They discover another storm is picking up, so once more the party scramble during this time.

Jaromir discovers a frozen human body perfectly preserved in strange garb. He decides to drag it back to camp. They put it near the fire, and when it thaws, it starts oozing pus, and the party quickly toss it out of the tent. The party start to worry that the body could be host to some dark and unknown disease.

The next day they examine the body further, and decide to chop off a hand, but once they do, both the hand and the arm start liquefying into pus. On further examination it seems that the insides of the body is goop, but the skin is frozen, and also bears traces of magic.

They decide it would be best to burn the body, and head for Gnash's cave before another storm hits.

Jaromir uses magic to heat up the party for the trip. They push themselves to their physical limits and make it to the cave just in time. There are signs in the cave that the Gnolls or some other intelligent being has been to the cave since the party was last here, but it was abandoned again.

They are trapped for six days by the weather, fortunately the cave is well-stocked and there is enough space, so the party doesn't get under each other's skin. They scoured the tomb in the six days, but find nothing of value or any hidden areas.

Once the weather clears, the party decide to start scouting the surrounding area, hoping to find anything of value. They find small shelters here and there, but no other traces of ruins. Grimes scales the mountain, and not only gets a good vantage of the whole area, but also spots some smoke in the distance. The party reconvenes at camp, and decides their next move.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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