Gnoll 2e

Gnoll from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

We rejoin the party in a tense situation, with Pharis wanting to murder all the Gnolls, but the rest of the party wanting to talk.

Eventually Bokassa shows himself and challenges Kel William to single combat.

Kel William accepts, and it does not go well, but Jaromir intervenes, unleashing his magic on Bokassa.

The injured Gnoll becomes enraged at Jaromir, and sends him to the ground with a mighty blow.

Chaos follows, and the rest of the Gnolls unleash snarling wolves into the fray. Bokassa goes down, and the party fall back while fighting off the attackers.

The retreat does not go well, Gnash is slain. Grimes fumbles an improvised Molotov, and all the while Jaromir bleeds. The party manages to turn the tide of battle, and soon the corridor is littered with the dead.

Despite being in bad shape, the party decide to enter the tomb once more, and finish off the last of the Gnolls inside.

As they search the tomb, which is now more like the inside of an abattoir, and find no more living Gnolls, but more disturbingly there is no sign of Bokassa or Nash.

The party also find a collection of various coins hammered into a large sheet. They eventually spot a group of Gnolls fleeing down the mountain, dragging sleighs behind them, and they identify one of the shapes on the sleighs to be Bokassa.

The party decide not to pursue, and instead get some much-needed rest, and returned to Fort Wikk as Jaromir was in desperate need of aid, using the coin sheet and some polar bear furs they make a stretcher for Jaromir and head out.

The weather holds, and there are no attacks during the trek. Jaromir's conditions get worse, however they finally reach the safety of the keep. Despite snowballs attacking them near the gates.

While resting, they brief Kel Jeneva Hughes, the fort commander, on what they learned out in the field. They also study the coin sheet they brought back and discover it is worth a small fortune.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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