Gnoll 2e

Gnoll from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

The intrepid explorers discuss what strategy they should follow concerning the cave they are in. They decide to stay in the cave, but make preparations both magical and mundane in case they are attacked during the night.

Their work was not in vain, as they are indeed attacked by Gnolls during the dark of night.

Some of the attackers are slain, and the rest flee. There is some debate of whether or not the party should attempt to follow the survivors. During the discussion, Pharis and Gnash get into a skirmish, after Pharis decides to cook and eat some Gnoll flesh, but luckily Grimes manages to calm Gnash down.

The next day the party rests, while Grimes takes Gnash on a patrol to calm him down. During the patrol, they spot another group of Gnolls, and returned to camp to bring warning. As the party leaves their tent, they find there is no need to pursue the Gnolls. As they have already arrived on their doorstep, a vicious battle ensues, during which Gnash goes down and Pharis gets grievously injured, but the party ends up the victors with all the Gnolls slain.

They have no choice but to stay in camp for a few days, while the injured recover enough to travel through the harsh land back to Fort Wikk.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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